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By Mike Glenn

When I very first began reading the Bible a lengthy time ago, I believed Paul’s teaching in Philippians to “Imitate me as I imitate Christ” was a single of the most arrogant issues I had ever study. Believe about it. Paul appears to be saying, “If you do not know how to act, act like I do mainly because I’m undertaking it just like Jesus would”.

Then I became the father of two tiny boys.

And just about every conversation started with, “Here, son, let me show you how to do it”.

Right here is how you tie your footwear. Pull the strings tight and even. Cross a single more than the other….

Here’s how you tie a tie.

Here’s how you match your clothing.

Here’s how you shave your beard, wash your face, drive a automobile, appear for a wife, apply for a job…

You can speak about undertaking anything as a lot as you want. You can watch teaching videos and analyze just about every step of the method, but till you really carry out the action oneself, you do not know how to get it completed.

Appear at how Jesus taught the disciples. He would teach and then, He would send them out. They would come back and Jesus would teach once again. Jesus was the Master of blending theory and practice.

I’m not no certain the church is.

When I very first began preaching, I believed I was a great preacher mainly because I could string collectively a lengthy list of theological terms in a coherent sentence. I could get atonement, propitiation, sanctification and the Trinity in the similar paragraph and folks believed that, mainly because they couldn’t realize me, that I was great preacher.

I’ve discovered from my blunders. Now, I recognize great preachers hardly ever, if ever, use theological terms in their sermons. Why? For the reason that no a single in their congregation ever makes use of these terms.

It is the similar with the application of our teachings. When we inform our congregations they should really have a time of prayer and Bible study just about every day, every person will agree with you. None of the them will do something, but they’ll all know it is anything they should really be undertaking. Why will not they do something?

For the reason that they do not know how.

No a single has ever sat down with them to clarify how the Bible is place collectively, how the books are arranged, how to study the various genres of Scripture or how to apply the critical teachings of Scripture to our post-modern day setting. So, they attempt for a tiny even though on their personal, but give up in aggravation. Sadly, most of them conclude from their encounter that the Bible is just also challenging to realize and they in no way seriously attempt once again.

No a single teaches them how to pray. For numerous years, I was aspect of a young adult worship encounter known as Kairos. 1 evening, in the middle of my teaching, I realized no a single had ever explained to these young adults how to pray. No a single had ever talked to them about the various types of prayer. They didn’t pray mainly because no a single ever taught them how.

The list gets longer. We assume our young children will develop up and study how to be great fathers and mothers, great husbands and wives, great buddies and neighbors – but we in no way speak to them about how we do these issues. And sadly, most of us do not know adequate to ask for enable.

Most of us are undertaking as nicely as we know how. We do not do greater mainly because we do not know greater.

Portion of the genius of the church is we study in neighborhood. We study how to reside life as believers in the corporation of other believers. We watch folks as they go via their day and from them, we study how to adore, manage our anger, worship and pray. We can watch a person do what we believe is not possible – issues like, “be angry, but sin not…”

Seriously? You can do that? Yes. Aggravation and loss are aspect of life and anger is a organic and acceptable response. But how can you be angry, but not shed your cool. We watch our brothers and sisters deal with their personal frustrations. Then, we imitate them.

We practice till our action becomes organic, till we can do what is ask of us in the moment without the need of considering about it. We discovered how from a far more maturity believer and in turn, we teach these who are watching us.

Most folks want to do greater. They just do not know how. We want to do greater, but most of us do not know.

So, what do we do? Ask for enable. Go to a pal who’s a tiny additional down the path and ask them to teach you.

Second, discover a person who’s a tiny behind you on the journey and teach them what you know about how to reside a life in Christ. Teach them what you have discovered. Everybody’s has to get started someplace and if you do not get started, we in no way get there at all.

Getting a disciple of Christ indicates mastering how Christ lived in our globe and how we can reside that way now. Discover from Jesus. Practice living according to His way.

And as quickly as you study it, teach it to the particular person closest to you. It is the way all of us study and if we do not study, we’ll in no way know how. And if we study how, we’ll in no way do something at all.


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