Ross Gay’s fierce, radiant joy: A evaluation


In instances of national or private discomfort, the temptation is to go speechless, to grow to be inert, to rage and destroy, or just to weep. Ross Gay’s collection of brief essays delivers us a further alternative: joy.

Gay, the author of 3 poetry collections and winner of the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award, started his “book of delights” project as a collection of day-to-day essays handwritten more than the course of a year, every single about “something delightful.” His warm and casual style invites us into the “common flourishes” of his each day life. We’re with him at the café, on an airplane, in the garden, at a friend’s funeral, and all the though we really feel that he sincerely desires us there. Gay is the ultimate host: generous, engaged, and seriously funny.


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