Rebeccah Worship&#x1f3b6: three Persons Drastically IMPACTED ME: #three Mrs. Grace Monyei


1 of the causes I completely appreciate to worship God is mainly because He has genuinely kept his Word in my life! Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV) says, “you will seek me and come across me when you seek me with all your heart”. The a lot more I dig into the “Word of God”, the a lot more I see the nature and likeness of God. Most importantly, my cleaver understanding of the Word did not come without the need of the assistance of some important folks! For me, the life experiences, testimonies, and their in-dept eye opening explanations, brought about an applicable, living, and FRESH NEW outlook on each the particular person of Jesus and the Bible. The following are the Major three folks who significantly impacted my development and understanding of Jesus Christ and the “Word of God”:

“When you quit understanding you commence dying”-Albert Einstein

#three.) Mrs. Grace Monyei:

Her nickname on the street was “Oh Lord Jesus”. She stated these three words a lot more frequently than any other word she spoke. Absolutely everyone could fairly-a lot predict the subsequent time she was going to say it. She was identified for quoting the scriptures in arguments specially when somebody was attempting to take benefit of her mainly because she was a lady. She study at least 1 chapter of the “Word of God” just about every single day and “pray-study” 1 verse that touched her for 30mins. Though she pray-study I would hear her give 15 distinct which means to that very same verse. It was really intriguing how she interpreted that very same verse in so a lot of methods (she even stated them to apply to my young life, i was possibly 11 years old then). She was the 1st particular person to preach the Gospel to me. She was also the 1st particular person to inform me about my “spirit man” (thou at the time it produced no sense to me). She 1st told me about my lust for earthly pleasures, she would say some thing like “these factors that temporarily make you really feel great, is not accurate happiness…” I believed at the time that she only stated that mainly because she did not want to give or obtain what I asked for. Now I realize. She came from a polygamous household who fought everyday for 1 issue or the other. I knew her as a widow, who whore size 11 and had wonderful significant hands and died on a cold winter morning at the age of 41.


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