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“For physical education is of some worth, but godliness has worth for all items, holding guarantee for each the present life and the life to come.”

1 Timothy four:eight

When I was younger, this was presented as the explanation why it was okay to operate out. It was alright to pump the iron, drink whey protein, and get “jacked” since there was a Bible verse saying so. “For physical education is of some value”, so…do it up!

How I want I was taught differently. How I want I knew differently.

I was provided the smallest, least essential aspect of this Scripture and told to main on it. As a smaller kid, that messes with you.

I was skinny. I’m nonetheless skinny. I wanted something to be not skinny when I was in college. Not to be “skin and bones” as the white-haired girls in the church would get in touch with me. When I heard that I was “supposed to” be physically training…I focused on that, worried about that, and believed about only that. Not that I was capable to adjust my skinny-ness.

But I missed out on the spiritual education.

As a teenager, as a young man, a man with power and limitless time to spare, I missed out on undertaking a thing that had worth far beyond my physicality.

The education of the spirit, the improvement of the spiritual life was underemphasized, produced of lesser significance. It was a secondary item in a single sermon, but…here I am, sitting and seeking at my arms, disappointed that they are not larger.

Our globe continues to concentrate on physical look. How one particular appears depends on how numerous likes or followers you get. How an individual appears tends to make all the distinction in a job interview. How one particular appears alterations who hangs out with who, exactly where one particular goes, how one particular behaves. And sadly, it has infected the church.

Verses such as 1 Timothy four:eight turn into “proof-texts”, Scriptures that you can use to make your point much more “biblical”. Hence, securing your rightness and letting you continue in that way.

But we have sorely missed the point. We have strayed so far from what is at the heart of God when we start off maximizing on minute particulars. When we main on the initially element of that verse and ignore all the things that comes following it, we are willfully neglecting that is most essential to God.

Yes, physical education is of some value…

“But the Lord mentioned to Samuel, “Do not take into consideration his look or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not appear at the items folks appear at. Men and women appear at the outward look, but the Lord appears at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

God is not that worried about the size of my biceps. God is not as concerned about my physique fat index or the quantity of calories that I have consumed nowadays as we may perhaps assume he is.

And whilst taking care of our bodies is essential, how significantly power have we honestly spent worrying about our spiritual wellness?

Do we have an app for that on our phones?

Do we have accountability to make confident we don’t…what’s the spiritual equivalent of cheating on our diets?

Do we sacrifice, give up, and otherwise lay down any and all excuses to make God our priority and strive for larger, much better, and bolder in partnership to him? And not our waist sizes?

I can say for myself, I believed about spending time on the rowing machine I have in my basement. Mainly because it is been a handful of days and it is a good exercise.

At no time did prayer, silent and holy time with God enter my mind…until I was convicted to create this.

The church requirements to take a step back from the weights, from the mirror, from the keto diets, and what ever other healthier trends we’re caught up in.

We want to recall what God mentioned prior to he picked the scrawny shepherd boy as the future king of Israel.

We want to recall that our Savior wasn’t a looker, and it wasn’t his look that drew the crowds to him (Isaiah 53:two).

We want to recall the complete verse from 1 Timothy four.

Yes, physical education is very good. But there is a thing of infinite worth that you should really not be neglecting. One thing that you want to be placing much more, so significantly much more power into than your bicep curls, your stomach crunches, and your calorie counts.

The situation of your soul. The substance of your character. The treasures of your heart.

This short article initially appeared on Christian Believed Sandbox.


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