Quick & Inspirational: Sermons for Teens & Adults: 20 Inspirational Christian Quotes by Dr. Wayne Norton


“Walking in the light of the Son will bring a new song!”

“Listening is just about a lost art of our day.”

“Walking with Jesus is a journey from hope unto hope.”

“Through Jesus Christ, we can reside happily ever following!”

“Every time we stroll into a cemetery, we are reminded that Jesus Christ becoming alive from death tends to make the distinction amongst hope and hopelessness.”

“The kid of God can encounter the joy of the Lord for the reason that the Lord of joy arose from death.”

“The Easter message starts with a funeral and ends with a festivity!”

“The cross of Jesus Christ is the altar exactly where sinful man and a Holy God can do organization.”

“Too a lot of folks attempt to enter the door of good results without the need of the essential. A 3-fold faith is that essential. Faith in the Lord, faith in one’s self, and faith in other people types that essential!” 

“If we want a actual definition of appreciate, we want to appear at the cross of Jesus.”

“In order for us to be born “from heaven above,” Jesus Christ had to develop into human and be born “from earth beneath.”

“God convicts us of sin not to make us comfy, but to make us conformable unto Christ’s image.”

“When we see God in every single circumstance, we will see every single circumstance in God’s hands.”

“In our darkest nights, God can give His sweetest and brightest songs.”

“Heaven becomes even extra actual when 1 of our loved ones becomes a permanent resident.”

“When God is with us, we are under no circumstances operating the danger of becoming outnumbered!”

“When Satan deceives us mentally, he can defeat us spiritually.”

“Life is brief! The Psalmist wrote, “Teach us to recognize the brevity of life, so that we may perhaps develop in wisdom (Psalm 90:12, NLT).” Even at its most lengthy course, life is so brief! Wisdom is producing the most of every single minute for the Lord, other people, and ourselves.”

“Today folks are demanding their “rights.” For these of us who know Jesus Christ, we are blessed for the reason that our “rights” have been nailed to the cross. When Jesus rose from the grave and ascended into heaven, we no longer had “rights.” We are servants of the Lord Jesus Christ! Our concentrate as servants of Jesus is “responsibilities” and not “rights.” 

“Life does not guarantee to be fair, but it does guarantee to be adventuresome.”

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