Praise the Lord Jesus Christ: Failures and God’s strategy for us


Failures &amp God’s strategy for us

There is a thing in all of us that intuitively resists failure. But, all of us have been touched by failure at some point of our lives. We could have recovered from these failures, but even now, there is that shame that is related with the failure. When we appear back, we could believe “God! Certainly we knew greater than that!”. These days, I would like to meditate on failure as a wonderful trial of our faith. We could have failed in our jobs, academics, in our household life, in our Christian walk, in our ministry. Let’s ask the Lord for a faith and a relation with the Lord that is powerful even in our instances of failure.

Luke 22:31-32 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith could not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” 

Peter was a powerful apostle. Even ahead of he was raised in the apostolic ranks, we see a strength of character in him. A organic leader, an impulsive man, one particular who would not hesitate to leave the boats and adhere to the Lord, one particular who would effortlessly jump out of the boat to swim to the Lord or to leave the comfort of the boat to stroll on water. The owner of a big heart – one particular who preferred to do considerably for the Lord. We see him as a organic option. But, the spiritual globe operates on principles which are contrary to nature. In his quite strength lay a weakness, which if permitted to continue, would bring down his ministry and life as a crack in the foundation can bring down the property that it is founded upon. Pls note: Peter was powerful – but his self-assurance was in himself and not in God. The higher degree of revelation that he received from God elevated his spirit and the calling as a leader additional cemented the pedestal on which he had placed himself. The immense prospective of Peter as a threat to his kingdom &amp the impetuous statements he created about his infallibility attracted satan’s wish to sift Peter as wheat. But bear in mind, God’s on the throne! Can we get started seeing satan as a mere instrument in God’s hands to create the transformation in us – to reveal our weaknesses, to reduce us to shape, to take away our rough edges?

The greatest hindrance to Peter becoming utilised as a disciple and apostle is not satan. It is Peter himself. He is entirely self confident but his self-assurance is not in God. He is rather proud of himself and thinks he’ll by no means ever betray the Lord. Mat 26:33 – although all leave you, I will not be offended with you. (in other words, Lord, you never know what you are speaking about – I am created of greater stuff than all the other individuals!) 

The Lord sees pride as a higher danger than any other sin. God resists the proud and provides grace to the humble. Unless Peter learns to rely on Jesus and Him alone, he will by no means be in a position to qualify for the apostolic process that Jesus had for him. His present spiritual state meant that he had to be sifted ahead of the Lord could use him. Sifting meant that the grain and chaff in Peter’s life is to be separated. Sifting meant that the false foundations which he could have laid for his life (organic strength &amp capability) will be demolished ahead of the correct foundation (Christ) is laid. Sifting meant extreme trials that he will go by way of. Yes, it even meant failure – to the point that Peter will deny the Lord ahead of a small servant girl. How the mighty fall!

This is not just about Peter. It’s about each and every youngster of God who has been offered a guarantee by the Lord. In the above verses, the Lord says: I have prayed for you. Our Higher-priest (the Lord Jesus) is not one particular who is untouched by our weaknesses. He is not bothered about your failures. You could fail – But your faith should not fail. These days, we can stand and say that we have been buffeted by forces and individuals stronger than us. And to our grief, we’ve failed far as well quite a few instances. But, we are right here by God’s grace, thanks to His intercession for us. (therein lies the distinction involving the apostasy of Judas and the restoration of Peter)

A failed (and restored) Peter is a tender-hearted Peter. No a lot more self-assurance in self. Humbled and yielded as a vessel in the Lord’s hands. He is no a lot more desirous of becoming No.1. But is thankful that his name is in the book of life. He does not compete with his brethren. He is in a position to stand with them on the day of Pentecost and preach the Very good News. As the Lord prayed for him, after he was converted he was in a position to strengthen his brethren. It is such a individual who is in a position to pen the verse 1 Pet five:10 to the edification of the weak brethren who could be in a season of trials.  

And the God of all grace, who named you to his eternal glory in Christ,just after you have suffered a small even though, will himself restore you and make you powerful, firm and steadfast

Dear buddy, if you have failed, you are in fantastic enterprise. We are in the hands of a potter who tends to make us into a stunning vessel even in spite of our failures and shortcomings. But our faith – let it not fail!


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