Opposite of What Simon Says – A “Difficult” Bible Game


This game will teach students about their potential to concentrate, listen, and discover. They will laugh even though acquiring a tiny confused as they attempt to stick to the opposite of Simon’s directions. In the finish they will discover how to treat other individuals and how to figure out what’s true and what is not.


Students will compete against a single one more, and against Simon, to see who can stick to directions the very best.


If you reside with a sensible joker or have a single as a buddy, April Fools’ Day can get a bit stressful. We have to be alert since we in no way know what trick could be lurking about the corner. We’ve got to retain our eyes and ears open to figure out who is on our side. Let’s practice our listening abilities by playing a game.


  1. Decide on a single student to stand in front of the class to be “Simon.”
  2. When you say “Go!” the Simon will say “Simon says…” and the group will have to do the OPPOSITE of what Simon says.
  3. Limit Simon’s terms, so there is no confusion. Simon’s directions Ought to include the word “left” or “right” or “up” or “down.” Instance “spin left” or “crouch down.” The students would then “spin right” or “jump up” respectively.
  4. If Simon does not say Simon says, the individuals who respond are out.
  5. If any one does not stick to the opposite of Simon’s directions if he says “Simon says,” they will be out.
  6. If preferred, repeat with a new student playing Simon.


April Fools’ Day is a terrific reminder, delivered in funny techniques, about a really serious message. We want to be cautious! The forces of darkness appreciate to trick us into sinful behavior and producing alternatives that are incorrect for us.1 Peter five:eight tells us, “Be alert and of sober thoughts. Your enemy the devil prowls about like a roaring lion hunting for an individual to devour.”The devil is not a lion or a true monster. He will not hide out behind a rock or in a dark corner. He is a supply, or a collection of sources, of dark intelligence who enjoys it when individuals do incorrect. What a nasty notion!Peter also offers us the superior news. He says in the verse suitable prior to to cast ALL your anxiousness on God, since he cares for you. Let’s be alert for temptations to turn into sins all the days of the year. Let’s use April Fools’ Day to aid us recall the challenges.


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