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The final item on the list in Titus two:five for the aged females to teach the younger females is how to be obedient to their husband. This is a subject that ruffles feathers. It tends to make a lot of females defensive. To them submission = getting a doormat.

Some causes for that opposition to this teaching is pride, feminism, their history with abusive males, lack of godly examples, lack of biblical instruction on the subject, and false doctrine. Some females consider that biblical womanhood is degrading and keeps females from reaching their complete possible.

A Humble Help-Meet under Headship: Obedient to their Husband

The truth is that we all obey somebody, no matter whether it is parents, teachers, bosses, ministry leaders, or government officials.  No 1 is immune from obedience to authority and submission to the structure of the family members, church, and government. We have to be obedient to our earthly authorities to be in obedience to our heavenly 1.

“Obedient” in this passage is the Greek word “hypotasso” which signifies to line up below, to subordinate, to topic one’s self, and to yield to another’s admonition or assistance.  It was a Greek military term which means to arrange troop divisions in a military style below the command of a leader. Somebody who is obedient knows how to retain rank.

It does not imply we can not voice our opinion, or that we have no say in something.  It just signifies that when it comes down to choice time, we defer to our husband.

Whilst the planet, the flesh, and the devil all inform us that submitting to our husband will be miserable, the truth of scripture is that obedience brings happiness- John 13:17. And obedience proves our adore- John 14:15.

In all reality, getting obedient to the word of God brings freedom, blessedness, fruitfulness, and glory to God. Satan desires females to think these lies that with submission comes inferiority, invisibility, and insignificance.  That is why it is so essential for us to be sober minded, to stroll in the Spirit, and teach the younger females sound doctrine.

~Colossians three:18~ Wives, submit yourselves unto your personal husbands, as it is match in the Lord.

The goal of marriage is to glorify God, not to make you content. In Genesis 1:27-28 God told Adam to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it. He gave him a mission to achieve, but he couldn’t do that alone. So God created Eve as a enable-meet for Adam.

~ Genesis two:18~ And the LORD God stated, It is not great that the man need to be alone I will make him an enable meet for him.

A enable-meet is a helper, somebody who brings relief, stands by, supports, and surrounds her husband.  She is completely created by God to be his companion, and a enable, not a hindrance, to his ministry. God utilizes our part as enable-meet to develop us in godliness, humility, and selfless service.


The image of marriage is identified in Ephesians five:22-33.  The marriage covenant is a image of the covenant involving Christ the bridegroom and the Church his bride.  Just like the Church submits to Christ, the wife is to submit to her husband.

Jesus is the covering for the Church, so when she obeys his word there is peace and protection. But when she’s rebellious she is stepping out from underneath that umbrella of protection.

~1Corinthians 11:three~ But I would have you know, that the head of each and every man is Christ and the head of the lady is the man and the head of Christ is God.

Even inside the Godhead there is a structure of authority.  Jesus, although equal to God, humbled himself, and submitted to the will of the Father.  The Holy Spirit, also God, is below each the Father and the Son and moves and functions primarily based on their word.

They are all equally God, but with diverse roles. Like the husband and wife are designed equal, with equal chance to obtain salvation, equal in how they are loved by God, and have an equal goal to glorify God. But they just have diverse roles and responsibilities to make that a reality.

We can see Jesus’ obedience and submission to authority in quite a few locations in scripture, right here are a handful of examples:

  • Luke two:40-52 – “Subject to” signifies that Jesus kept rank underneath the delegated authority of his earthly parents. It might have seemed so beneath him to have to go house and do chores or understand carpentry with Joseph. But he modeled humility and obeyed the fifth commandment to honor his parents anyway.
  • Hebrews five:7-9, and Hebrews 12:1-two – Jesus knew his part and duty. He focused on the joy that was to come at reuniting with His Father rather of on the violation of his rights. Jesus knew there was a reward for his obedience and willingly humbled himself for the great of other folks and the glory of God.

If Jesus could do it, and his Spirit lives inside of us as believers, can not we do the identical?

With humility, enable from the Holy Spirit, and a healthful worry of the Lord, we can. But if we do not worry the Lord then we will not. To worry the Lord is to reverence him, to bow just before him as Lord. When we reverence our husbands we in turn reverence the Lord since we’re getting obedient to his word.

~Ephesians five:22~ Wives, submit yourselves unto your personal husbands, as unto the Lord.

A Humble Help-Meet under Headship: Obedient to their Husband

As the head of the house the husband is accountable to God for the choices he tends to make.  That brings us comfort recognizing that if he tends to make a dumb choice, he’s accountable for the consequences. And we’ll be protected in that if we’re obeying the Lord and maintaining rank underneath his headship.

God’s grace covers us, and his chastisement falls on him.  He has to answer to God for his actions, but so do we.

~2Corinthians five:10~ For we ought to all seem just before the judgment seat of Christ that each and every 1 might obtain the issues carried out in his physique, according to that he hath carried out, no matter whether it be great or poor.

A Humble Help-Meet under Headship: Obedient to their Husband


A lot of times our trouble with obedience to our husband is a lack of faith. Click To Tweet

We’re afraid they’ll make the incorrect selections and we just do not trust them to do a great job. I consider that is specifically accurate if you are married to a lost man. (1Peter three:1-six addresses that concern.)

If you have a disobedient husband you will win them to Christ by your obedience to the word of God. And by means of prayer, getting a sober thoughts and a meek and quiet spirit. When you trust God and adorn oneself with humility, submit to his headship, and are a godly enable-meet, your testimony of faithfulness will speak louder than any words will.

We could possibly be tempted to withhold submission and reverence till they get their act with each other and commence loving us like Christ. But that is not how God functions. He desires us to take the very first step and fulfill our part and trust Him to enable our husband to fulfill his part.

We have to trust that the same God who sought us and saved us and sanctifies us will do the same for our husband. Click To Tweet


Every single time we dishonor our husband and do our personal issue, we blaspheme the word of God. We will need to be faithful to obey the Lord and our husband, since the younger females will need to have it modeled for them. And they will need to hear the message of scripture louder than the misinformation of the planet. So teach them how to be a enable-meet, to be humble, and to submit to the headship of her husband, by means of the enable of the Holy Spirit.

~Galatians six:7~ Be not deceived God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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