No. The Bible Is not Written TO You


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The Bible is not written TO you. BUT. The Bible it is written FOR you. 

Hear me out. There is an vital distinction right here. 

On the other hand we view the Bible is the lens in which we will study and interpret it. If we believe of it as a individual letter from God to us, then we will study it as such. But when we do that we are missing out what the Bible is essentially about. 

The authors of the Bible had been not pondering of you when they penned their respective books. They had been, nonetheless, pondering of somebody. Their words weren’t written to a 21st century culture. Rather they had been written to an ancient culture with drastically unique norms. 

Once again, the Bible is not written TO you. BUT. The Bible it is written FOR you. That may well appear like we are just splitting hairs. But it is this lack of understanding of who the Bible is written to that has lead several to misuse and misunderstand the Bible. 

So let’s begin from the beginning… 

So, Who is the Bible Written To? 

If the Bible is not written to me, then who is it written to? 

Here’s the 1st issue with answering that query. The Bible wasn’t written to any single particular person or folks group. Rather it is a the collection of books written by unique authors, to unique cultures, at unique instances.

Here’s just a couple of:

  • Luke and Acts are written to 1 particular person, Theophilus. 
  • The Epistles (Paul’s letters) had been written to distinct churches or folks. 
  • Genesis was written to the Nation of Israel. 
  • The other books of Law had been also written to Israel. 
  • Psalms is a collections of extra or much less private poetry not written to any one. 
  • Matthew, Mark, and John had been directed at a unique cultural audience. 

The point is, the Bible was not written to you. But it was written to somebody. Not a singular particular person. Rather numerous folks. Each and every book has an audience that it was written to. Each and every audience lived in a distinct time and had their personal culture surrounding them. And you need to have to have an understanding of who these particular person(s) are ahead of applying it to your life. If you do not you will probably not totally have an understanding of, or possibly even misunderstand what the Bible is telling us nowadays. 

The Bible is not only written to distinct folks. It is also written in unique strategies. 

Understanding the Genre

We currently know that the Bible is written to a distinct folks and in a distinct culture, but every book is also written in a distinct way. 

Portion of the beauty of the Bible is that it does not just inform you truth in 1 way. Rather it requires benefit of numerous genres to show the complexity of God and the spectrum of human practical experience.

Feel of it this way. You do not study a history book the exact same way you study poetry. And you are not going to study a book of law the exact same way you study a letter from a buddy. You study every of these in a unique manner. 

In the exact same way you shouldn’t study Acts the exact same way you study Psalms. They are unique genres. You can study extra on that right here: How to Study the Bible (much better)

Each and every book of the Bible is written to a distinct particular person or folks group in a distinct culture and in a distinct way. 

What Takes place When We Ignore The Who

One particular instance I like that shows how we frequently miss the point when reading like this is Genesis 1-three, the Creation Story. Lots of study this story with a 21st century mindset it is a story about how God actually made the globe. On the other hand, this book wasn’t written to a science-minded folks. Rather an ancient group that lost their identity. They didn’t care about the science behind it, and it wasn’t written with that in thoughts. They saw their identity in the story. 

At this point I know some of you are pondering, he just stated Genesis is not actually accurate! That proves my point. The point is not is Genesis literal or not. What I’m finding at is simply because we are so ingrained in reading the Bible with our 21st Century eyes we missed the point of several stories in the Bible. Genesis 1-three is an amazing story with wealthy applications. But we’ve boiled it down to God generating the globe in a literal 7 days. That is not the point of this story! Our contemporary reading has triggered us to miss the point.

I’ve written a entire post on this, you can study it right here: We’ve Missed the Point of the Creation Story

When we ignore who the Bible was written to and the way it was written it can lead to us to miss what’s actually going on. Lots of of the crazy tips out there nowadays stem from somebody performing this. 

Immediately after You Have an understanding of Who, You Can Apply It To You

I impressed myself by accidentally rhyming.

Try to remember, the Bible is not written TO you, but it is written FOR you. In other words, the Bible includes truth and we need to study it and apply it to our lives. The Bible tells us about God, his program for redemption, and our part in his story. It is undoubtedly for us nowadays. But we have to have an understanding of the original context ahead of applying it to ourselves. 

I know this tends to make several uncomfortable. But what I’m NOT saying is that the Bible is not for us. It is of no use to us. Or that it does not include truth. Rather what I’m saying is that we have to have an understanding of the culture, the folks, and the way it was written in order to totally have an understanding of what it implies to us. 

The Bible is written FOR us. And we need to study it, study it, and apply it to our lives. But several have gotten the incorrect notion simply because they have ignored the original which means and the original audience. When we have an understanding of the original which means we can have an understanding of and apply the truth of the Bible to our lives.


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