Maintain Your Eyes On Christ. He Will Maintain You From Falling.


Psalm 72:1-20
the words – ‘His Name’ shall ‘endure for ever’(17) – and believe of
Christ. His Name is ‘the Name above all other names’. He is ‘the King of
kings and Lord of lords’(Philippians two:9-11 Revelation 19:16). Study
the words – ‘all nations get in touch with Him blessed’(17) – , and believe of Christ.
‘From each and every tribe and language and persons and nation’, God’s persons have
been redeemed by the valuable blood of Christ (Revelation five:9). Study
the words -‘May His glory fill the entire earth!’(19) – and believe of
Christ. In the ‘new heaven and new earth’, ‘the holy city’ will shine
with ‘the glory of God’. ‘Its radiance’, ‘like a really valuable jewel’,
will be shining from this ‘lamp’: Jesus Christ, ‘the Lamb of God who
requires away the sin of the world’(Revelation 21:1-two,10-11,23 John 1:29).

Psalm 73:1-28
is so quick for us to drop our way – ‘my feet had virtually stumbled’. We
appear at ‘the prosperity of the wicked’ and we turn out to be ‘envious of the
arrogant’(two-three). What are we to do when the worldly attitude threatens to
take handle of us? We ought to try to remember the Lord, drawing close to to Him in
worship and standing up for Him in witness. When other individuals are forgetting
about God, we ought to continue to take our spot in ‘the sanctuary of
God’(17). In an age when so lots of show no interest in worshipping God, we
ought to continue to say, ‘for me, it is great to be close to God’. Our worship
is not to finish the moment we leave the spot of worship. We are to inform
other individuals what the Lord ‘has done’ for us – ‘O magnify the Lord with me,
and let us exalt His Name with each other!’(28 34:three).


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