Look at Oneself Dead


 ” So you also ought to take into account yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Romans six:11

Look at your self dead. That is a quite striking statement. We appreciate to speak about getting “alive” in Christ. So why do I see so numerous Christians trudging by means of life powerless, purposeless, and lost in their pursuit of Jesus?

As Christians we do not want to obsessively concentrate on our sin, however no matter how significantly we resist, we typically break our lives down into how numerous Christian boxes we can verify off for the day.  Who we are remains tied to what we do, not what God has declared more than us. Actually, it is a spiritual identity crisis.

We are nevertheless in bondage to the notion that we ought to prove ourselves ahead of God. As a outcome, also numerous kids of God move and breathe not totally walking in the empowerment the present of grace delivers.

The Grace of God

What do you consider grace is? We toss the term about consistently in Christian circles. Positive, who does not want to acquire, reside below, and take pleasure in the rewards of God’s grace? But also typically the realities of grace and its energy in our lives dwindle beneath false representations of its goal.

I’ve heard it taught that grace is when God provides us what we do not deserve. God bestows by means of grace a measure of appreciate and energy to His kids. However that is not how we typically reside grace out.

The complete notion of grace has come to be muddled and twisted into either a non-private theological notion or a tool in the belt yielded towards self-serving spirituality. In the 1st case, grace is merely the present from God supplying salvation (which is accurate) but is not a thing we participate in everyday. This notion accepts grace as an agent of forgiveness of sin but not eradication of sin. It is an notion that we are loved in spite of our sin but not totally free from or dead to sin.

Having said that, scripture reveals to us that grace is far far more than a a single-and-completed cover up of sin. Grace empowers and enables us to reside a excellent life the exact same way Jesus did.

The following are just a couple of verses providing us deeper insight to the energy of grace activated in our lives:

  • John 1:16 encourages us that “his  (Jesus’) fullness we have received” as a outcome of “grace upon grace.”
  • two Corinthians five:21 affirms that Christ Himself became sin so that by means of grace we may well come to be “the righteousness of God.”
  • two Corinthians 9:eight reveals that God tends to make “grace abound to you” so that we will generally have all we need to have to “abound in every single excellent perform.”
  • two Timothy two:1 shows us that we can be “strengthened by grace”

The Abuse of Grace

Grace can also be abused. This occurs when grace and truth separate. Grace and truth have been generally meant to operate in tandem.  If we continue to select to serve our personal agenda, enhance our personal reputation, and cling to even subtle places of sin below the umbrella of grace, we are not experiencing the grace of God at all. We are attempting to use grace for our personal benefit and glory, not for God’s glory.

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Grace activates the perform of sanctification in a believer’s life. Galatians is devoted pretty much totally to this quite challenge. The grace of God reveals and washes us in truth so that we may well repent from sin and reside life Jesus’ way. Grace is a present meant to alter us and deliver the strength and sources to full it! Assisting us really feel superior about ourselves in the midst of our sin is not the goal.

John Bevere teaches “Under grace, we now have the nature of Jesus Christ and are capable to reside in truth at all instances. We now have his integrity inbred in our quite getting. We are capable of getting males and females who are like God.” 

When we permit God’s grace to sanctify us, it glorifies God and brings us into closer partnership with Him. This in turn empowers and fills us with joy!

Dead to Sin

“I’m just a sinner saved by grace” is a phrase all also typically floating amongst Christian circles. Does that sound like taking into consideration ourselves dead to sin? This phrase as an alternative confesses an identity marked by sin, totally negating the perform of Christ on the cross.

As a youngster of God, produced into the righteousness of God, cleansed and purified and empowered with His grace, we ought to in no way take into account ourselves a sinner once again. Grace is the important to our capacity to reject this false identity and take on the identity of Christ. By means of grace we take into account ourselves dead to sin.

Romans six:18 tells us we are now “slaves to righteousness”!  This indicates we, by means of the grace and empowerment of Christ in us, do not have to give in to sin. It holds no energy. As an alternative, our accurate nature and all-natural tendencies are towards truth and life. When you genuinely think this, you obtain it less complicated and far more desirable to reside according to your accurate nature, produced righteous by means of Jesus.

This does not imply we in no way struggle with sin once again. Having said that, it does imply that sin no longer has to define and manipulate your thoughts, will, and feelings as it after did. We no longer measure our worth ahead of God primarily based on the sin present in our lives. As an alternative, we stand confidently ahead of Him recognizing we have been produced righteous and are understanding to reside far more like Him every and every single day.


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