Logos Understanding: Bookmark the Passage You are Studying


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I lately received the following situation from a fellow Logos user:

Typically I study passages so I open my preferred Bible to a precise text to exegete. Inevitably through my investigation, I leave the passage to appear up cross-references. Is there a fast way to return to the passage I’m studying with no retying the reference or working with the history function?

This is a extremely sensible query and brings up an oldie but goodie shortcut I’ve been teaching for years: set the passage you are studying to Bookmark 1.

Let me show you how quick and useful this is:

  • Open your preferred Bible to a passage you want to study (A)

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  • Use the shortcut keystroke to set Bookmark 1 for the passage:
    • Computer: Ctrl + Shift + 1
    • Mac: Cmd + Selection + Shift + 1
  • Navigate to a diverse passage in the Bible (B)

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  • Use the shortcut keystroke to return to Bookmark 1, which is the passage you are studying:

    • Computer: Ctrl + 1
    • Mac: Cmd + 1

I encourage you to reserve Bookmark 1 for the present passage you are studying and get in the habit of setting it as element of your preparation to study. As you can see, you can track down as a lot of cross-references as you want, but with a uncomplicated keystroke, speedily return to your key passage!

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