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I’m in SF at the moment, on my way household from a wonderful weekend in Morgantown, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh, PA, but I couldn’t wait to share with you an incredible joy amongst our close friends in Kenya, and some new men and women in Pokot, hungry for meals and for God. This is an emergency require, and if you could support us, we would be most grateful.

A handful of weeks ago, I wrote right here about Forkland College, in a poor section of Bungoma, Kenya. It not only educates kids who would have no other chance, but it also aids care for the impoverished neighborhood about it. We assistance that college at $1000 per month.

I asked you for support for the reason that their water technique had been contaminated in a current flood with their sewage technique. The kids had been having sick, and the well being division closed the college. It also impacted the nearby neighborhood who also use that properly.  Because of your generosity, we had been in a position to send them $30,000 to drill a new properly. They just completed it and here’s what they wrote:

On behalf of Forkland neighborhood and college, God has brought a wonderful transformation. People today are now having clean water, and this water has turn out to be a really major blessings to the complete area. People today can stroll in from a far distance and draw water. The Kenya Bureau of Common has advised that this water in future be utilized to create mineral water, for the reason that the firm drilled deep and identified pure water at 340 feet deep.   The flow is really higher and can create 10,000 liters per hour. This is the wonderful blessing. Could our Father in heaven be glorified for this. We send our gratitude to these who stood with us in providing their sources to support this neighborhood and the college. Because the neighborhood began drinking clean water there is no extra complaints of typhoid and other ailments. Our kids are secure.

We rejoice, as well. Every thing we do in Kenya, we appear to make self-sustaining as an alternative of breeding additional dependency. The men and women there are inventive and energetic, wanting to be aspect of the remedy to their personal demands they just lack the sources to do so. We haven’t recognized how the college could turn out to be self-sustaining due to the fact it is an outreach to that neighborhood. Now they are going to be in a position to bottle this water and sell it as some of the purest water in Kenya, sanctioned by the government and it will offer sources not only for Forkland College but also for other demands in the region.

As quickly as that require was met, on the other hand, a further require has emerged in North Pokot.  I’ll let them inform you about it.

Ideal now in Kenya, some of the area like Turkana, intense North Pokot, and other region are suffering from drought and hunger, pray for us due to the fact lots of of the households are starving. Thank you for what you have send every month, but the issue we are seeing right here has gotten worse. When we had been there distributing meals, a lot of men and women came from a far village. Each and every location, men and women had been waiting for the meals in poor situation.

We decided to serve these who are entirely impacted specially the old aged, but men and women came in multitude exactly where we could not in a position to manage and we had to leave brother Michael and the group there to calm the remaining men and women who did not get the meals. The committee as requested if it is attainable to get 350 bags of maize and 100 bags of beans to serve them for a when due to the fact they have to stroll a lengthy distance, and they speak in their language ” that God is complete of mercy and compassion” to them. Some they have taken about 3 days and even a week just drinking water and boiling the roots to have anything in their stomachs.

In this region, the Globe Meals Programme and some NGOs have not however reached them. They are just now heading to Baringo and Turkana. If attainable, they can get meals and return to their household to feed their kids who are starving. The price of meals is ksh 1,812,500 Kenya shillings (about $18,000 U.S.) We are praying for God’s provision. The require right here is as well a lot and you have performed a lot till we really feel sorry to inform you.

Brother Michael is nonetheless in North Pokot and it appears the require there is overwhelming due to the fact yesterday he talked in the evening that the villagers are in dilemma of what to do.  According to him and the committee, the circumstance is developing worse due to the fact the villagers told them that they cannot go without the need of something to feed their kids.

It is maddening to me that the rest of the globe, which includes the Kenyan government, are ignoring the demands of these men and women. But men and women are dying nowadays for the reason that they do not have any meals. This is a distinctive group of men and women from these we’ve currently been assisting in North Pokot. For what ever explanation, God has permitted this require to fall on us, and we can not turn away.

The only location for these men and women to discover meals appropriate now is from the generosity of men and women who listen to The God Journey and study these pages at Lifestream. Generosity is occasionally the only possibility to make up for inequity in a broken and self-centered globe. I am asking these of you with any extra resource to support us, please. If you can and this require tugs at your heart, please help them. I have no concept however if we’re going to initiate a new project right here and assistance these villages additional. I am hoping the UN or some other NGO will come along at some point. But as lengthy as we have sources right here, we are not going to let kids or their parents die of hunger on the other side of the globe.

If there ever was a time you wanted to genuinely support poor men and women, without the need of anybody else siphoning off income for administrative costs or other fees, this is it. All contributions are tax-deductible in the US.  And as often, each dollar you send goes to the require in Kenya.  We do not (nor do they) take out any administrative or income transfer costs. Please see our Donation Web page at Lifestream. You can either donate with a credit card there, or you can mail a verify to Lifestream Ministries • 1560 Newbury Rd Ste 1  •  Newbury Park, CA 91320. Or if you choose, we can take your donation more than the telephone at (805) 498-7774.

Thank you on behalf of the men and women of Pokot for your gifts and prayers on their behalf.


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