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 "The faintest pencil is better than the sharpest mind." 

This, additional than any other statement, underscores the significance of journaling as element of your devotions. Analysis has established that writing is one particular of the surest methods of know-how retention.

As you study the word and invest time in prayer, it is constantly a very good notion to journal the journey.  If you are utilizing a devotional booklet, it most almost certainly has some space for you to do this. If not, you can use a notebook or you could use the sample under:Free journal template for Devotion Time and Bible Study -

Totally free Devotional journal template 

Journals are strong measurement tools. You can use it to analyse how far along you have come in your study and know when and exactly where correction is necessary. If you have a weblog, you can use the journal entries as attainable weblog posts that you can add flesh to and publish on the weblog. Journaling also assists in strengthening your discipline considering that it is anything you get accustomed to carrying out day in day out.

Let us appear at some of the factors why you should really start off maintaining a devotional journal:

Journaling assists you to stroll in obedience  

Journaling will force you to slow down your pace of reading the Bible and this offers our mortal thoughts additional time to hear from the immortal God. As you jot down the thoughts the Holy Spirit inspires you to, you hear him additional clearly and it becomes less complicated to stroll in obedience. You can use diverse pen colours to colour-code your journal entries. For instance, red can be applied for when you are upset, green when you are delighted, blue when you are remorseful and black for all other notes. These colour codes can assist you to simply find associated subjects in the previous entries.

Journaling assists you to try to remember and memorize scripture

Analysis shows that you try to remember only 10% of what you study but more than 50% of what you wrote. Journaling is, as a result, a excellent way of memorizing scripture.

Journaling assists you out words into feelings

JournalingWriting is applied by psychologists as a tool of therapy. That is since writing causes the feelings that have been buried to come alive. When journaling, you express your raw thoughts to God and this benefits in an genuine partnership. That is the sort of partnership David had with God. When he was mad at God, he would let him know. When he was hungry and tired, he would let God know. You can get to this level of relating with God by beginning a common journaling regimen.

Journaling documents your development

Journals are instruments of recording your spiritual development. As you mature in Christ, you will almost certainly uncover stuff in there that you will not be also proud of  – but that is okay since it shows development. You can also appear at the prayers you created prior to and how God answered them.

D. A. Carson wrote:

Believers who invest no time reviewing and pondering in their minds what God has performed, irrespective of whether they are alone and reading their Bibles or joining with other believers in corporate adoration, should really not be shocked if they hardly ever sense that God is close to.


Right here are a couple of suggestions to get you began journaling.

  1. Get a good notepad and maintain it in your devotional space. 
  2. Just be oneself. Do not be concerned about carrying out it correct – just be individual.
  3. Be inventive. Do you like to draw or sketch? Add photos to your notes. Verify out these pages on Pinterest and be inspired, 


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