Jill Lepore’s book is the civics course Americans want: A critique


“What one particular begs American people today to do, for all sakes, is merely to accept our history.”
—James Baldwin (1965)

Jill Lepore need to be numbered amongst the indispensable American intellectuals of our time. She is a Harvard historian of prodigious power and talents and an academic with impeccable credentials. But she has also, as opposed to most of her fellow professors, sought and—from her post as a employees writer at the New Yorker—found an huge audience of citizens without having PhDs.

“To create history is to make an argument by telling a story about dead people today,” Lepore tells her students. If also quite a few strictly academic historians care also tiny about the storyteller’s art, also quite a few well-known historians underplay the demand for conceptual imagination, persuasive logic, deep study, and compelling proof. Lepore is a master of intertwined narrative and argument. No one particular is undertaking a lot more to attempt to heal Americans of their inveterate historical amnesia.


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