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Speedy Update: Episode 11 of the Insurgence podcast is reside. In it, I go over the mark of a false teacher, the mark of a accurate disciple, the humor of Jesus, and the carnage that comes from the hands of “Christians” each and every day. (You will have to have a sense of humor to get by means of the episode.)

Surround sound trumps (no pun intended) stereo.

Stereo systems include two speakers. Surround sound systems include 5 to seven speakers that surround the listener.

So the audio comes at them from distinct directions, blasting out highs, lows, and a spectrum of sounds in involving.

All through the Gospels, we locate Jesus coming to men and women in surround sound.

He’s authoritative although gentle. Powerful although meek. Somber although joyful.

This stands to explanation due to the fact Christ is each Alpha and Omega, Lion and Lamb, Priest and King, Master and Servant, simultaneously.

Consequently, if you only hear, see, encounter Christ in one particular way, you are not encountering the Christ of the Gospels. Nor the Christ of Colossians, Ephesians, or Romans.

He is the Absolute Paradox.

This is why no theological method can include or clarify Him.

This is why His disciples had been frequently puzzled by His words and actions.

This is why the religious leaders couldn’t figure Him out.

He is Life and “life normally finds a way” out of the boxes we mere mortals construct to comprehend Him.*

Here’s the delta: If Jesus is not surprising – or disappointing – you, there’s a excellent likelihood that your Christ is also smaller, and you are not seriously developing in Him.

For He is each sorrow and joy, death and resurrection, suffering and triumph, somberness and laughter.

Christ does not come to us in mono or even stereo. He reveals Himself in surround sound.

He does not present Himself in black and white, but very-saturated Technicolor.

This is why these who bear the testimony of Christ’s fullness will usually puzzle, confuse, disappoint, startle, and even offend men and women sooner or later – specially these who have also smaller a view of Jesus.

Christ is basically also massive, also paradoxical, and also vast to be contained in any restricted theological box or doctrinal expectation.

Jesus is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”*

I expand on what I’m speaking about in the conference message Epic Jesus: The Christ You By no means Knew which you can freely stream or download.

* “Life finds a way” is a line from the film Jurassic Park.

* The “riddle, mystery, enigma” line comes from Churchill when he was describing a specific nation.



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