Praise The LORD man of God, I
know The Messiah reveals to his prophets what is about to come about. Now any thought
from The LORD about the Huduma Quantity getting issued in Kenya


Nothing at all distinct (straight)
has been revealed to me about it. But I know it is the final infrastructure
that leads to the introduction of The Mark of The Beast (R.F.I.D Microchip).
Basically, the only point missing from the Huduma Quantity infrastructure (at
least at the moment as it had been) is the inserting of a modest gadget into people’s forehead
and proper-hand. That modest gadget (an electronic gadget the size of a grain of
rice) is The Mark of The Beast (Radio Frequency Identification Microchip:
R.F.I.D Microchip). The R.F.I.D Microchip (The Mark of The Beast) will be utilized
to Physically and Spiritually Manipulate, Handle and Monitor persons worldwide.
It will be place in location nation by nation, but with a worldwide connection. The
R.F.I.D Microchip will send signals from persons it is inserted with (in their
hands and foreheads), to a Central Database, that will be in Nations, but also
connected Worldwide, by means of Airports, Economic institutions and so forth. There was a
time (back in 2012) when The LORD showed me that the leadership of the land of
Kenya will be extremely enthusiastic in pushing forth The Mark of The Beast: R.F.I.D
Microchip……And that persons will run to take it due to the mere reality that the
leadership of the land will have led “by example” in taking it. They will say:
“if so and so has taken it, then it have to be fantastic.”
Revelation 13: 16-18 ‘“He
causes all, each modest and terrific, wealthy and poor, totally free and slave, to get a
mark on their proper hand or on their foreheads, and that no one particular may possibly get or sell
except one particular who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the quantity of his
name. Right here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the quantity of the
beast, for it is the quantity of a man: His quantity is 666.”’
Your Brother in Christ Jesus,
and a Shepherd of The LORD,


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