IT&#039S NOT Effortless, BUT WE CAN DO IT!


As a Christian, I think I am referred to as to not only pray for these who are wronged by other individuals and are getting or have been abused, victimized, and neglected, but – so as well – for these who have triggered the incorrect and are abusing, victimizing, and neglecting other individuals.&nbsp And that is a tough pill to swallow for me from time to time in particular when I witness or expertise the outcomes of the evil, hatred, and vile acts.&nbsp When I see, hear about, or really feel the devastation and harm triggered.&nbsp But our Father God expects us to do it, and when I locate myself struggling to do it, I ask for His assist understanding He desires me to do it and will assist me do it.

Abba expects His youngsters to do it by following the instance of their Brother who did it.&nbsp Our Lord and Savior JESUS, His only begotten Son.&nbsp Our Father God gave us the tools that not only serve to assist us reside a life of righteousness, joy and peace, but so as well to save the lost and restore these who have fallen away.&nbsp He gave us His Son, His Spirit, and His Word, and He expects us to make use of them in assisting fulfill His objective: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.&nbsp (Luke 19-10) &nbsp&nbsp

Be encouraged Brothers and Sisters and let this 2019 Lenten Season be one particular filled with forgiveness for other individuals and a renewed sense of commitment to obeying God.

Yetta N.A.

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Preserve walking towards the Cross. ​Never GIVE UP!&nbsp
Till the subsequent time, don’t forget Jesus loves you

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