It is all about you – Living the life God intended


Hi how was your week? Mine was terrific – we lastly received some rain which we badly necessary. This week I want to speak about you – yes you and me. We are going to be selfish for just a bit due to the fact it is our testimony that encourages other people to stroll by means of factors taking place in their lives.

But initial I want to deal with identity. Identity in the Oxford dictionary signifies the reality of becoming who or what a individual is. Our identity is shaped by childhood happenings, who our parents are, their status, the college we went to, our profession and how we feel other people perceive us. My identity was rooted in rejection. So I didn’t let other people close for worry they would hurt me, I never ever spoke in class in case I was incorrect and I didn’t take a threat in case I failed. But all that has steadily changed as I let my identity be identified in Jesus.

A terrific quote I retain reading is from Zen Shin which states: A flower does not feel of competing with the flower subsequent to it it just blooms. This need to be like us. Our identity is identified in Jesus and He has produced us all uniquely.

Some of the verses in the Bible exactly where He speaks to us especially are Jeremiah 29:11 – I know the thoughts that I feel towards you ….to give you a future and a hope. This is all about you individually. Just feel on that God thinks of you individually and He does not examine you with other people. His thoughts about you are one of a kind to you only. two Corinthians five:17 – if anybody is in Christ, he is a new creation. If you are in Christ – offered your life to Jesus – you are a new creation. Your sins are forgiven and your previous is wiped clean. Your identity is no longer in who you have been but is in Jesus.

Psalm 23 – study this Psalm, God is with you wherever you stroll, you will not lack, He restores you, He comforts you and leads you and in John three:16, He loves you. Now wrap your identity about that for a when and see if that encourages you as a lot as it encourages me.

This week, hold your head up higher, you are the son or daughter of God. Stroll by means of your week recognizing God is with you and He will never ever leave you. Run to Him not from Him, due to the fact He loves you. You can do it and so can I.

Bless you heaps and have a terrific week



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