Huge NEWS: I’m Moving!!


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I&#8217m moving!

Not homes or cities or states.

Just on line space.

My buddy Benjamin Corey graciously invited to join him more than at Patheos and I&#8217ve accepted!

In reality, I&#8217m currently there. See: right here I am.

It&#8217s a excellent chance for me to attain an completely new audience I otherwise would likely in no way get a possibility to speak to.

The excellent issue about it is absolutely nothing is altering except the address of my weblog. You can nevertheless stick to me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram just like ahead of and if you&#8217re currently subscribed to my newsletter, you don&#8217t have to do something to retain having updates from me. I&#8217m taking you with me! Just retain an eye out for emails from me from my new Patheos channel rather of

Most importantly, none of my content material is altering.

That was anything I created confident of and triple-checked with Ben ahead of creating the move. I&#8217m not providing up any of my freedom to say what I want to say. I&#8217m just gaining a larger audience.

As for, it&#8217ll nevertheless be right here.

For the time becoming at least, it&#8217ll appear precisely like it does now.

And due to the fact Patheos has been type adequate to migrate all of my old posts to my new channel (ALL eight YEARS WORTH &#8211 which is just crazy, I can&#8217t think I&#8217ve been blogging that lengthy), you can nevertheless access these old posts right here or more than there.

In the not as well distant future, I&#8217ll likely redesign this web-site into a skilled web page, which means it&#8217ll have facts about me and my writing, photos of my face so you don&#8217t neglect what I appear like, and strategies to speak to me, specifically if you&#8217ve got an occasion you&#8217d like me to come speak at&#8230.which is anything else I&#8217ll be speaking about additional in the days and weeks to come.

Ahead of cancer showed up on my door a couple of years ago, I had the privilege of speaking and preaching in all sorts of locations, from churches about the nation and across the Pond to the halls of Duke Divinity and the streets of Nicaragua.

I appreciate writing, but I appreciate preaching and speaking even additional and with cancer now a issue of the previous, I seriously want to get back into speaking to folks in particular person rather of just on line. And, of course, with my book coming out subsequent year, I also need to have to hit the road to assistance market it. Hashtag: shameless self-promotion.

I&#8217ll be speaking additional about that in the coming months and how you can have me come speak at your occasion for virtually absolutely nothing (seriously, facts to come so remain tuned). In the meantime, you&#8217ll likely hear from me initially in the kind of Facebook Reside book updates and vlogs I&#8217m going to start out mixing into my conventional blogging.

But that&#8217s news for a different day.

These days, I just wanted share the huge news of the move with you.

Appear for my initially post more than at Patheos on Monday.

The program correct now is to weblog about after a week, additional if there&#8217s anything that comes up I really feel compelled to create about. But with book writing in complete swing correct now, I want to make confident I don&#8217t stretch myself as well thin and rather set a realistic purpose for blogging. Just after I turn my book into my publisher in August, you&#8217ll no doubt be hearing a lot additional from me, but for now I&#8217m going for top quality more than quantity.

I also want to say thank you each to Ben for this excellent chance and to all of you who have been so type and supportive more than the years. With no you, I wouldn&#8217t have this possibility. With no you, I wouldn&#8217t have a book deal. With no you, I wouldn&#8217t&#8230.ok this is having as well mushy. I need to have to cease.

But my thanks are sincere. I seriously do appreciate and am sincerely grateful for every and each 1 of you. Your help implies additional to me than you&#8217ll ever know.

See you at Patheos!

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