How to Take Spiritual Inventory of Your Space


Not too long ago, I’ve been considering a lot about our connection with our properties. Have you ever noticed that when you really feel fresh and cleansed, you apply that power to maintaining your property clean, but when you really feel anxious, clutter tends to gather in your space? Our private atmosphere typically mirrors what is going on inside our deeper self. To preserve a optimistic connection with your property, you need to have to take spiritual inventory of your space. By undertaking this, you can turn the cleansing of your property into a healing tool for the thoughts.

What you will discover in this video + guide:

  • Why you need to have to take spiritual inventory of your property
  • How to take spiritual inventory of the property
  • Measures to cleansing the space + spirit

Guide to Taking Spiritual Inventory of Your Household

Taking spiritual inventory forces you to appear at your property objectively, and notice what feelings surface. This practice combines journaling, mindfulness, power cleansing function and some great old fashioned cleaning. Prepared to commence transforming your property? Right here we go!

Step 1: Self-Reflection

Get a notebook and commence listing the unique locations inside your space. Create down how you really feel when you invest time in these locations. Be your personal therapist. This workout enables you to concentrate on how your space tends to make you really feel, so that when you do a walkthrough later, you can assess exactly where these feelings are coming from.

For instance: I maintain my space incredibly clean. I choose my bedroom to be as sparse as feasible, so that I can very easily transition to an power of rest and relaxation with out distractions. That indicates that if I have a mess in my space, or a pile in my closet, it is most likely connected to an situation going on in my life. When I’m journaling about how I really feel in my bedroom, if I understand I’m not spending considerably time in there, I’ll note it. A lot more most likely than not, it is due to a mess looming in that space.

Step two: Take Spiritual Inventory

How to Take Spiritual Inventory of Your Space - Energy MuseHolding your notebook, stroll outdoors your front door and close it behind you. Turning to face your door, take 3 deep breaths in via the nose and out via the mouth. Now, open your front door and enter the property. Observe your space. See it with the fresh eyes of an objective viewer. Bring your awareness to the spots that you have a tendency to overlook. Then expertise your property employing all of your senses.

If you need to have a bit far more guidance, right here are four Concentrate Points:

  • What does the space Appear like? Observe this space. Appear at all the corners of the space. See what’s on the tables. Take a appear at your artwork. If there are plants, are they living? Are they thriving? Or are they dying? Is the space dusty, are there piles of stuff everywhere? Appear on the floor. Is the space simple to move about?
  • What does the space Really feel like? Does the space really feel light and open, or dark and stale? Does it really feel tense or stuffy?
  • What does the space SMELL like? Does the space smell fresh? Does it smell moldy and wet? Does it smell stale? Does it smell welcoming?
  • What is your REACTION to the space? Did you tense up when you walked in? What does your physique really feel like? What does your thoughts really feel like? Clear or cluttered? Overwhelmed or at ease? Does this space make you really feel relaxed? Is there a specific item or region that triggers you inside the space?

Continue moving all through your complete space, noting what you observe.

Step three: Produce An Action Strategy

Soon after you have completed, use your notes to make an action program. List the locations you need to have cleanse and shift in order to really feel far more spiritually uplifted by your atmosphere.

Step four: Clean, Shift, Simplify

With your action program in hand, start out producing modifications. Move issues. Clean. Simplify – what ever you really feel desires to be completed to make your space far better for you.

Step five: Cleanse the Power of Your Space

Soon after you have physically cleaned your space, it is time to purify the power of your property. To do this, you can use Sage, Palo Santo, sound bowls or a mixture of all 3! Our Power Clearing Set comes comprehensive with all the tools you need to have for a thorough cleanse. For directions on how to cleanse the property, study our weblog, How to Get rid of Adverse Power and Transform Your Space.


There you have it! That is all it requires to make a property that uplifts your spirit, rather than dwell in 1 drains your power. If you are feeling overwhelmed, commence modest. Get started with just your entryway. Stroll into your property and cease. What’s the initial point you see? How does it make you really feel? This space is the initial point you see each time you enter your property so it sets the tone for how you really feel. If you come across you do not enjoy how it tends to make you really feel, shift it! I assure you, that 1 transform will make a enormous transform in how experience your property.

Images by Ashley Streff with Danyelle D’Andrea of Spatial Solutions and Hannah von Meister. 


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