How a Church in Houston is Virtually Serving a Largely Forgotten Group of Persons in Foster Care


I not too long ago had the chance to ask my buddy Toni Steere a couple of queries about ministry and leadership. Toni is the Director of the Legacy 685 Ministry at Houston’s 1st Baptist Church. All through the previous ten years, Legacy 685 has faithfully served adoptive and foster households in the higher Houston location as an “outside the walls” ministry!


I asked her 4 queries, but was specifically blown away by her answer to the 1st, so I believed I would just share that. It delivers a sensible, encouraging and inspiring appear into how their ministry recognized a will need to serve and help investigators and case workers about them. By means of straightforward but profoundly meaningful approaches they’ve been capable to create relationships with a neighborhood of individuals who do challenging function but are usually forgotten and unsupported. This is a Excellent instance of how your ministry can get inventive in what it does and who it serves. Legacy 685 is a effectively established ministry, but is continuously seeking to find out, develop and expand its effectiveness.

Here’s what Toni had to say…

What are you most excited about in your ministry appropriate now? How did this specific point come about? 

I am most excited, ecstatic truly about our new partnership with our regional Kid Protective Investigative Unit!

About two years ago Houston’s 1st Baptist Church was invited to join with an additional church in our location in supplying a CPS Appreciation Evening.  We participated two years in a row and throughout the second occasion God started to stir the word “more” in our group! As we listened to many CPS Specialists share their stories, the joys and the intense challenges we felt that there was a lot more that we could be performing to come alongside them and appreciate them effectively!

With that we reached out to our Faith-Primarily based Specialist in our area to ask about the desires!

Inside a month we had been paired with a CPS Investigator workplace just adjacent to our church! We had no concept that the workplace was so close and to be sincere we have been truly unaware of the desires of these experts! In speaking with Ashley we have been capable to create a program that would bless the employees month-to-month with the purpose of continuously communicating that these guys and females are noticed, appreciated and hopefully supported!

Every single month on a day determined by the supervisor we join the group for tacos, coffee and an encouraging word! Every single worker received a handwritten card from a member of our church who has spent time praying more than them! It is been incredible to see this group develop in trust of our ministry, the encouragement has been palpable and as other offices hear of what’s taking place they are now asking for their personal “encouragers!”

Not too long ago an additional group invited me to speak at their employees improvement day! We talked about some of the greatest challenges for “helpers” in our society! And one particular of the deepest challenges is that there is a deep loneliness in the field! The “helpers” are anticipated to assistance with no limits but usually there is no one particular pouring into the helpers! The power runs quick and discouragement moves in and requires up residence producing the turn more than so higher! As I talked about assistance for helpers I asked these present “Whose Assisting YOU?” Across the area the query evoked emotion, voice and the discouragement could be felt!

It is the most fascinating point we are performing appropriate now for the reason that we have noticed such an openness to each the encouragement and a willingness to get a lot more! There is not a grand program. No deep targets, just a commitment to SHOW UP when a month to say we see you! And we are FOR YOU!

By means of this month-to-month act of kindness we’ve noticed supervisors commence to collaborate with our ministry, we’ve heard from person experts asking for prayer for exceedingly private struggles and we’ve had the honor to adhere to up with them!

I’m grateful for seasoned leaders like Toni who invest deeply into other people and serve the broader CAFO church network effectively. To connect with Toni, or an additional coach on the CAFO Church Coaching Group, you can speak to us right here.


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