Hold on to the guarantee – Living the life God intended


Hi how was you week? Mine was excellent. Final weekend I went to a large women’s conference in Sydney. It was amazing and I received a lot from God that I am nevertheless attempting to procedure. In life group this week, we study the story in two Kings four:eight to 37. It is the story about a lady who was barren. Elisha told her that one particular year from now, she would embrace a son. It came correct but lots of years following that, the boy took sick in the field and died at household.

Have you ever received a guarantee from God that seemed not possible? Having said that, following a time that guarantee came correct and you rejoiced significantly. Then anything occurred and your guarantee died and you are stuck with a dead guarantee and your joy has gone. All hope appears lost, but is it? What do we say about our guarantee? Do we hold a funeral for it and bury it, pondering that it wasn’t from God following all? If you are in that location now, I have news for you and it is from the above story.

When the woman’s son died, she laid him on the prophets bed. Then she took action – her servant saddled a donkey and off they went to discover the one particular that gave her the guarantee. We will need to get up and seek God Who gave us the guarantee. Leave the guarantee for a whilst and seek God.

But do not speak unfavorable more than your lost guarantee. The lady kept saying “all is well” till she located and spoke to the prophet. Even then she didn’t inform him what occurred. She generally mentioned in verse 28, didn’t I inform you not to give me a guarantee – I didn’t ask for it and now it is gone. It would have been superior not to have the guarantee at all than go by means of this. Have you ever felt like that? God does not thoughts if we get actual with Him.

The prophet went with her and went to the space exactly where the guarantee lay dead. He lay on that guarantee, revived that guarantee then lay on that guarantee once again and it resurrected. The boy was alive – her guarantee was resurrected.

If we have a guarantee that has died, seek God and take hold of that guarantee once again. Revive that guarantee by believing once again in the guarantee and speak life to the guarantee and it will be resurrected.

This week, search your heart for these promises and let’s get them revived. God mentioned that His Word will not return void but we will need to retain the guarantee alive.

Have an astounding week and retain living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps.



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