God is in the area – Lucy Mills


Final month I shared the following when I was major the prayers at a church service I believed it may well be fantastic to post it right here as effectively. It will almost certainly feed into some lengthy term writing, but here’s a taster.

In September I began considering of the Holy Spirit as a golden existing, not actually, but as a type of visual help for prayer and reflection. The type of existing you locate in the sea – vast ocean currents – and also the air (the latter is a extremely biblical analogy, in reality!).

I was challenged to recognise the Holy Spirit present-with-us. God is in the area. Do we know that? Seriously know that? God’s Spirit fills the globe, is moving and functioning in so several methods.

I also felt challenged to step into this existing, embracing it, getting driven – no, swept into the life of freedom we have been presented.

Usually we stand outdoors the existing.

We may well not be paying interest, we might have forgotten the reality of God’s living presence everywhere. I want to awaken my soul to that reality.

At times we are kept in spot by worry, but we want not be afraid. For exactly where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

At times we fold our arms and refuse to budge, so determined that what we are undertaking proper now is the most acceptable issue, the proper spot to be, and we blinker ourselves to the possibility of getting named to reside differently.

We finish up idolising our personal opinions, and are so bound up with ourselves that we refuse to see the Spirit at function, and we do not inhabit God’s purposes for us and how we reside – even in the smallest elements of our lives.

Maybe we are carrying some factors also tightly. Letting them go is scary. It can make us really feel vulnerable. And yes – we might get factors incorrect we will want humility.

We might want to do some yielding, understanding how to surrender. But God’s Spirit is with us.

When we pray, let’s contemplate ourselves as stepping into that golden existing, acknowledging that the Spirit assists to pray, guides us, counsels us and frees us – generally from ourselves.

It is fantastic to remind myself of these thoughts, as it can be effortless to slip away from the factors we locate useful in our lives of faith. What imagery assists you when you pray?


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