Girls who Pass On The Baton — Far more Valuable


At a wedding not too long ago I got chatting to an elderly man who was telling me about when he became a Christian. It was in the course of a time of revival in the 1950s on the Isle of Lewis – lots and lots of individuals have been becoming Christians at the very same time and it was all any individual could speak about! Men and women have been meeting collectively in every other’s residences at each chance to open the bible collectively and share what God was teaching them – he described it as ‘gossiping the gospel’. I completely adore that!

Men and women have been so captivated by God’s word and their adore for Jesus that they just couldn’t maintain it to themselves. To this day there is nonetheless a powerful legacy of Christianity on the island, simply because individuals kept ‘gossiping the gospel’ all through the generations.

The conversation reminded me of Paul’s encouragement to Timothy:

‘You then, my kid, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of numerous witnesses entrust to faithful males who will be capable to teach other folks also.’

(two Timothy two:1-two)

Paul was particularly authorised by Jesus to go into the globe with the gospel, and we can study about how he did that all through the New Testament. One particular man he especially educated up in ministry was Timothy, and so in this letter he is charging Timothy to do as he did – pass on the very good news of Jesus to the subsequent generation, and encourage them to do the very same.

Consider of it like a relay race: the runners maintain operating and pass the baton on when they attain their subsequent teammate, who then keeps operating to the subsequent teammate… and on and on till the race is more than. None of the runners maintain the baton to themselves rather than passing it on, as by performing that they’ll certainly drop!

It is the very same with the gospel – we require to maintain passing it on so that much more and much more individuals can hear it and be saved.

Though I’m certain we all know how significant it is to spread the Gospel to non-Christians, I’d adore to also encourage us to pass it on to our fellow Christians. One particular of my favourite factors about becoming aspect of a church is how distinct we all are – we believe differently, have distinct gifts, and God teaches us distinct factors at distinct instances. How great would it be if we have been all sharing these factors that we’re understanding with every other?

Consider how considerably much more speedily we would develop if we ‘gossiped the gospel’ to every other, chatting about a thing new we learnt from the bible not too long ago, or sharing hyperlinks to a excellent speak or weblog post rather than maintaining it to ourselves? What if we frequently met with 1 or a couple of buddies to study the bible collectively and pray? Not only would we understand from God by way of his word, we’d also be serving him by passing on the baton of the gospel to other folks.

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