Euthanasia of kids with disabilities


From Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger (1976)
“When legalization of euthanasia comes, it will come in the name of six favourite deceptions and disguises. They will say (as I can clearly document) that placing a individual to death is very good medicine and very good science. The second disguise will be mercy, like, humanism and honesty. Thirdly, religion: recall that Satan pretends to be God. This is his favourite disguise at all instances. So we will be, and have been, told that it is very good Christianity to place persons to death. The fourth a single is the denial of the worth of life, the claim that particular lives are not worthy, possibly invoking expense-advantage challenges. Fifthly, of  course, and perhaps the most clear a single, is the denial of humanness of a individual and that, thus, murder will not be murder. Sixthly, euthanasia will be very good law. It is crucial that we must recognize these six indicators, due to the fact they have a lot persuasive energy.” ( The Prophetic Voice and Presence of Mentally Retarded Persons in the Planet now, 1976, p 30).

In all the discussion revolving about the NY, Virginia and Vermont laws, there appears to be the underlying notion that infanticide/euthanasia is specifically ok if a kid is born with a disability. Somehow, #five above is often in play due to the fact if an individual is disabled their lives are not worth living. It is crazy that the similar persons who would help the taking of the lives of kids with disabilities, claim to help kids and adults with disabilities. I wonder how lengthy that will final if we move down the slope of infanticide. If it is ok to murder newborns, why not ok later in life. We have observed in Europe the permission to euthanize kids up to age four (autism is generally not diagnosed till age 30 months or later). Is that the subsequent step that will be advocated in the name of “women’s overall health?”

We all have heard of Roe vs. Wade, but have you heard of Doe vs. Bolton? This is the law that generally permits late term abortions for just about any cause. Never think me? Search the law.

“In a Los Angeles Occasions evaluation, David Savage explained: “”[Supreme Court Justice Harry] Blackmun had stated that abortion’must be left to the healthcare judgment of the pregnant woman’s attending doctor.’ So lengthy as medical doctors have been prepared to carry out abortions – and clinics quickly opened to do so – the court’s ruling stated they could not be restricted from carrying out so at least by way of the 1st six months of pregnancy.” For the duration of the final trimester, “It quickly became clear that if a patient’s ’emotional effectively-being’ was cause sufficient to justify an abortion, than any abortion could be justified.” ( much more info is out there on this site).

Could the “overall health” of the mother be viewed as as a cause for infanticide if it is use as a justification for late term abortions? Appears like a logical subsequent step. Mothers will generally knowledge emotional anxiety at the birth of a kid with a disability. Get prepared for the horror of the next  probably step.

Please wake up Democrats and Republicans as well if it applies to you as effectively! Do not help this evil.



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