DIY (pinterest inspired) Chunky Throw Blanket – Soul Searchin’ BY KElSEY LYNN


A couple of days ago I was scrolling by way of Pinterest (per usual) and stumbled across this super cute chunky throw blanket tutorial. I decided to give it a attempt. It didn’t specifically turn out as planned. I feel mostly for the reason that this blanket was created of wool and mine I just utilised super soft thick fabric. Anyways, it was super quick and took only about an hour and a half to full.


  • Yarn (I discovered soft yarn from Michael’s but if you want the wool appear I feel Joann’s has some for a lot more $$$)
  • Scissors
  • Your hands


Honestly, the finest way to make this is by watching some YouTube videos. You actually have to have to see it becoming completed rather than study what to do.



I will definitely be recreating this project with unique yarn (in all probability wool) in the close to future). Appreciate (:


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