Dad’s Undertaking the Most effective that He Can-Which Is Quite Very good!


My son, if you come to be surety for your buddy, If you have shaken hands in pledge for a stranger, You are snared by the words of your mouth You are taken by the words of your mouth. So do this, my son, and provide oneself For you have come into the hand of your buddy: Go and humble oneself Plead with your buddy. Proverbs six:1-three

A handful of weblog posts ago, I wrote to you about how devastated I was that Dad weighed 132 pounds and I close to cried on the shoulders of one particular of the Physical Therapy Assistants. It was now a handful of weeks later and I knew that Dad’s weight was beneath a 130 pounds when I saw the Physical Therapist Assistant once more.

She asked me how Dad was performing. I told her that Dad’s performing the ideal that he can. She asked me how Dad was performing, once more. I once more mentioned, “He’s performing the ideal that he can, [but added] which is fairly fantastic!” She smiled and she left.

I’ve prayerfully contemplated that given that then. It took the God’s operating by means of the Physical Therapist’s Assistant’s queries to assistance me find out to concentrate not on his low physique weight and the eventual outcome, but on the fantastic factors. Dad is in a fantastic mood. He’s content about his haircut. Dad enjoyed his cheesecake with lunch. He was truly performing a terrific job of pointing out which cards to move for our joint-Solitaire game and he’s hunting forward to us coming once more subsequent week. I am extremely blessed that Christ refocuses me when I loose my concentrate. 

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By: Dr. Carmen Escalante, MD Anderson Cancer Center by means of You Tube

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