Credit Exactly where Credit is Due


Credit Exactly where Credit is Due

This dog also led Kevin to Jesus. Supply Café Press.

It is normally exciting when folks you know from a relatively fixed context show up at a funeral for somebody you knew from a relatively unique fixed context.

“How did you know Kevin” I asked.

“Actually, I led him to the Lord.” It occurred in the town park, apparently.

Later in the funeral service itself, a speaker who had been previously scheduled got up to spend tribute to Kevin and explained how he met him at his apartment by way of a mutual buddy, and as they talked about unique items, he led him to the Savior.

Right after the service was more than, a lady who I’ve recognized for years explained how she had led Kevin to to the Lord on a bus in which they have been each travelling.

I wanted to ask her if she’d even been listening to the man who had spoken a single of the tributes, but decided not to go there. I’ve run into her due to the fact and she absolutely affirms her version of items.

My wife mentioned later that Kevin had a ministry to folks who had the present of evangelism.

(Consider about it.)

I have no doubt now as to Kevin’s eternal state. He absolutely met the Lord on numerous occasions and accepted him as Lord on an equal quantity.

I imply why would anybody lie about a story like that?


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