Consume the Mississippi Mud Cake


Every single year, my mother created a Mississippi mud cake for my birthday. The recipe was her mother’s and it was distinctive to our household mainly because she didn’t add marshmallows like most Mississippi mud recipes get in touch with for. This was mainly because neither my grandmother Lucy nor my mother have been fans of the marshmallow. Nevertheless, they have been fans of pecans, so that is what they substituted for cylindrical pieces of sugar, water, and gelatin. I when ordered a slice of Mississippi Mud at a restaurant and they brought out this gooey, white, nut-totally free mess and I was so offended that I virtually asked for the manager.

At every single household cookout, Mama created a Mississippi mud cake (sans marshmallows). Oh mercy. Heaven on earth is a slice of warm Mississippi mud cake (sans marshmallows) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. When Mama died, I framed her handwritten recipe for MMC (sans marshmallows) and set it on my kitchen counter.

What I’m saying is, Mississippi mud cake (sans marshmallows) is life.

It in no way failed: the day or two immediately after my birthday, I would sit on the couch with the pan in my lap and finish off that delicacy. I didn’t care about the calories. Or the carbs. Or the points. Or the bathing suit in the drawer. That cake was joy. Bliss. A 13×9 pan of life’s simplest pleasure.

An additional uncomplicated pleasure in my life is obtaining a pair of footwear that match. Bonus points if they do not make me appear like a clown at the circus. What does that imply? Properly, I’m blessed with oversized feet that make Sasquatches jealous. When I was in college, my mother attempted to comfort me regarding my substantial feet by saying, “Susannah, supermodels have major feet!”

And I would retort, “So do linebackers, Mama. What’s your point?”

Anyway, I can not accurately place into words how a great deal joy I really feel when I stroll into a shoe retailer and stroll out with an actual pair of footwear rather of a confirmation quantity mainly because the salesperson had to order my size from the warehouse. (I want to know exactly where precisely this warehouse is and why do not they open it up to major-footed ladies like myself. Road trip!)

1 evening, my sister Carmen, Natalie Ann, Bennett, and I have been shoe purchasing whilst on holiday in Florida. My sister has wonderful (smaller) feet and was attempting on footwear that wouldn’t even residence my major toe. I admired the cute sandals and mumbled and grumbled a tiny bit about getting behemoth feet, but then I heard a sniffle. I looked down and my valuable son had tears forming in his eyes. I asked him what was incorrect, and he started to cry. “Mama, I just really feel so poor you have major feet and cannot put on any of these footwear.”

“Oh, sweet boy,” I stated, “don’t you cry! They can get in touch with the warehouse!”

I enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. I enjoy cheering in the stands for my daughter as she storms down the basketball court. I enjoy cuddling with my son on the couch and watching Teen Titans Go! I enjoy singing in the car or truck, rocking on the front porch, riding with the windows down on a warm spring day. I enjoy sitting on the beach and reading a fantastic book. I enjoy writing on my back porch whilst crickets chirp. I enjoy playing on the floor with my dogs. Straightforward pleasures are the ideal.

James, the half brother of Jesus, told us in James 1:17 that every single fantastic and fantastic present comes

from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not modify like shifting shadows.

Mississippi mud cake (sans marshmallows) and cute footwear and pets (I refuse to say fur babies, all appropriate?) are fantastic and fantastic gifts. They need to come from God!

These words remind us that our lives, households, talents, skills, pals, and possibilities — the pretty points we so typically take for granted — are gifts we obtain from our heavenly Father’s personal hand. He showers blessings upon us, not mainly because we have earned them or deserve them, but mainly because He adores us and desires to give abundantly to His youngsters. And God is not like men and women who typically give gifts with strings attached or count on some thing from us in return. Rather, He is generally faithful, reliable, and unwavering in His consistency. He is the identical yesterday, these days, and forever.

It appears a uncomplicated notion, that all fantastic points come from our heavenly Father, but if we seriously commence to have an understanding of it and relish in it, we will appear with awe at wonderful sunrises and starry nights and clouds scattered across the sky. We’ll seriously appreciate the occasions spent with our loved ones and the warm chocolate cake with a scoop of cold ice cream melting on leading. The identical fantastic Father who healed our bodies or protected us or gave us youngsters, who blesses us time and time once more, painted the sky and aligns the stars for our delight. He gave us our men and women and invented the cocoa bean.

All creation bears witness to His enjoy and majesty.

1 of my preferred areas in the complete planet is Pensacola Beach, Florida. My mother, sister, and I went practically every single summer season on a girls’ trip. Some of my fondest memories are sitting on the white beach with Mama and Carmen, listening to the waves, speaking about life and laughing till we couldn’t breathe. And when Natalie Ann was born, I brought her along. I can nevertheless see Mama creating sandcastles with my valuable infant girl wearing a pink seersucker bonnet. Mama took dozens of images of Natalie Ann with her telephone that trip and then asked me how in the planet to retrieve the photographs. (She wasn’t the most tech savvy, bless her heart. She when named me whilst I was on a date with Jason and asked me to come dwelling to set her new electric alarm clock mainly because her Significant Ben wouldn’t wind any longer.)

I adore the smell of the warm, salty air and the sound of waves lapping onto the white sand. I am in awe of the brilliant sunsets that kind more than the Gulf of Mexico. I do not even thoughts when seagulls dive into my beach bag and consume my chips. Wait, that is a lie. I do not like that a single bit, but I tolerate it.

In all the years I’ve been to Pensacola Beach, I’ve in no way totally credited God with producing that serene spot for my pleasure. I’ve ooh­ed and ahh­ed at the picturesque ocean, but not till I meditated on James’s words did I seriously appreciate the splendor of Pensacola Beach. Abruptly what was generally such a favored location of mine became even much more favored. I was in much more wonder of the smells and the sights and the sounds. I was much more appreciative of the generous assisting of tartar sauce and slaw that accompanied my shrimp po-boy at Peg Leg Pete’s.

I encourage you to take a moment to recognize that every single fantastic present in your life, like life itself, comes from God’s mighty hand. Ask Him to make you much more conscious and thankful for all He has freely provided you. Appear at the sunsets, the stars, and even your household, pals, and talents with new appreciation. Praise Him for He is unchanging, and you can rely on His enjoy and mercy every single single day.

Life is hectic. Get pleasure from the uncomplicated pleasures. Admire the sunset. Marvel at nature. Get the footwear if they have your size in stock.

Consume the Mississippi Mud cake.

Excerpted with permission from Cannot Make This Stuff Up by Susannah Lewis, copyright Susannah B. Lewis.

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