British Police Ultimately Admit Driving Street Preacher Out of London Neighborhood to Silence Him


London’s metropolitan police have ultimately admitted to removing a street preacher from his place and transporting him more than 5 miles away in order to cease him preaching the gospel.

The Christian church has been beneath attack for a even though in the U.K and it was not shocking to see such kind of persecution, despite the fact that sad. Seeing the footage of Oluwole Ilesanmi who was preaching outdoors Southgate Underground Station in North London when he was approached by police and arrested for “breaching the peace”, once more does not come as a surprise as it has turn into popular practise. Right after marching him out of the location, law enforcement transferred him by vehicle to a remote place more than 5 miles away from exactly where he was. Lost and with no funds, it was only by means of the kindness of strangers that Olu managed to discover his way back to Southgate.

“As Olu was driven away from the scene of his arrest, it was clear to him that the police wanted to take him as far away as feasible so that he could not return and preach,” stated British anti-persecution watchdog, Christian Concern, who have taken on Olu’s case.

The group noted that right after the Met Police dropped Olu off “at the edge of their jurisdiction at Wrotham Park outdoors of the London transport zone,” he located himself penniless and unable to navigate back to a familiar location. “With no funds on him, a member of the public pays for Olu’s bus ticket back to Higher Barnet,” added Christian Concern.

Upon ultimately returning to his original spot, Olu started to preach when once more. “Olu, now in a position to use his Oyster card, gets on yet another bus to take him back to Southgate tube station exactly where he begins preaching once more without having any additional interruption,” CC explained.

The police, scrambling to rescue the circumstance, issued an updated statement on Olu right after initially stating that he had been walked 200m away from the scene by the responding officers. “As the man indicated that he wished to continue his activities at Southgate tube station, officers felt it important to take the man some distance from the station in order to stop a breach of the peace at that place,” they stated.

“All I wanted was for them to comprehend the Word of God,” Olu told Christian Concern right after returning to the scene of his arrest.


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