Billboards and Print Advertisements Urge Individuals to Worth Kids More than Dogma and Leave the Church


What do you consider? This billboard went up in Chicago yesterday and the print ad appeared final month in a Chicago option newspaper.

The billboard was financed by an abuse victim utilizing some of the settlement dollars.

What do you consider? What is it going to take for the raping of youngsters to quit?

Jesus mentioned “It would be greater for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied about their neck than to result in one particular of these tiny ones to stumble.” in Luke 17:two.

Now we uncover out the identical factor is taking place in the US Baptist Church.

Maybe it is time for these churches to quit worrying about controlling¬†women’s reproductive¬†choice and and limiting the human rights of the LGBTQ neighborhood and concentrate on the their personal issues. You know, like the little ones in their flocks becoming raped by the folks who are supposed to be their function models.



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