Bedtime Prayer: Connecting, Submitting, Trusting God


Sleep and the bedtime prayer ahead of sleep presents a distinctive chance for us to connect with God.

Perhaps we had a superior day. Perhaps we had a poor day. Either way, bedtime prayer is an chance for us to reset, in a sense. To freshly connect with God. To effectively align our hearts with God’s will ahead of we go to sleep.

But in some cases we do not know what to pray when it comes to bedtime prayer. Should really we pray the Lord’s prayer? That is undoubtedly one particular strong alternative. But there are many other useful approaches we can pray ahead of we go to sleep.

Right here are five uncomplicated, profound bedtime prayers to align your heart with God ahead of you go to sleep.

Bedtime Prayer #1: A Prayer of Dependence

I lay down and slept I woke once again, for the Lord sustained me (Psalm three:five)

Father, sleep is a reminder that I am entirely and entirely dependent upon you. I do not have infinite strength. I can not retain operating indefinitely. I will need sleep to refresh me. Eventually, I will need you to refresh me.

The truth is, I am a dependent creature. I am dependent on you to give me life and breath and strength. When I attempt to reside on my personal, it benefits in heartache. When I reside in dependence on you, I obtain grace and mercy.

So as I go to sleep, I want to proclaim my total dependence upon you. As I drift off to sleep, it is a clear reminder that I am not in manage. I will need you. I will need you to sustain me by way of the evening, and I will need you to sustain me by way of my life.

Please give me the grace of sleep. Give me the grace of strength. Permit me to wake refreshed in the morning.

I rely on you, my superior and gracious Father. I trust you to sustain me and to wake me with fresh power in the morning.

Bedtime Prayer #two: A Prayer of Trust

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your personal understanding. In all your approaches acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths (Proverbs three:five-six)

Father, several factors have occurred now. Some superior, some poor, some tough, some joyful. Ahead of I go to sleep, I want to entrust all these factors to you. Honestly, there are several factors I can not figure out. Lots of situations that are confusing. Lots of conditions that are just plain tough.

Even although I can not figure out how all these factors will perform out, I know that you are superior and I know that you will do superior to me. Eventually, I know that I can entirely, 100% trust in you.

As I go to sleep, I declare that I trust in you. I trust you with the large factors and the small factors, with the delighted factors and the tough factors. I trust you to provide me out of evil and to lead me into paths of righteousness. You are my hope. My assist. The lifter of my head.

I could not know how all factors will perform out, but you do, and for the reason that you are superior I proclaim my trust in you.

Bedtime Prayer #three: A Prayer of Thanks

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is inside me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and overlook not all his benefits…(Psalm 103:1-two)

Father, you have poured out so several mercies upon me now. To say that I am grateful is a staggering understatement. Thank you that Jesus himself has been praying for me all day. What an amazing blessing.

Thank you for supplying abundant meals and shelter for me. When I think about how several persons do not have even these most standard factors, I can not assist but be filled with gratefulness.

Thank you for the several approaches, identified and unknown, that you protected me and guarded more than my life, as effectively as the lives of my loved ones.

Thank you for providing me however an additional day to reside, to please you, and to glorify you. Just about every day I reside is a glorious blessing.

Most of all, thank you that you have brought me into a partnership with you. That I am your youngster and that you delight in me. Thank you that by way of Jesus, all my sins are forgiven. Thank you that you are my Father and you delight to bless me. As I go to sleep, I want to express my joy and thankfulness.

Bedtime Prayer #four: A Prayer of Confession

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9)

Father, ahead of I go to sleep I want to confess my several sins to you. I have sinned in several approaches now, each in omission and commission.

I have neglected to adore my neighbor as you have referred to as me to, and I have selfishly focused only on the factors I preferred. I have lusted following factors you have forbidden even though also not loving you like I need to. I’ve been impatient and angry, not merciful and not gracious.

For all my sins, please forgive me. I repent of them and ask you to assist me transform. I do not want to sin. I do not want to do the factors that you forbid. So I ask that you would give me supernatural energy to transform and pursue you.

I thank you that in Christ, all my sins are certainly forgiven. Jesus himself has paid my debt. He is my savior, my hope, my righteousness. As I prepare for sleep, I place all my trust in Jesus Christ as my redeemer and savior. He alone is my hope, and he is a certain hope certainly.

Bedtime Prayer #five: A Prayer of Protection

When I am afraid, I place my trust in you (Psalm 56:three).

Father, sleep is a reminder that I rely on you entirely for protection. I can not retain my heart beating or my lungs breathing all through the evening. I am entirely dependent on you to sustain me and guard me. When I sleep, I am placing myself entirely and completely in your hands.

Please guard me by way of the evening, as effectively as these in my household. Retain us protected from Satan and his schemes. Retain our bodies operating effectively. Let us wake in the morning energized and in superior wellness.

Thank you for the several approaches you protected me by way of this day. Please continue that protection by way of the evening. I entrust myself entirely to you and your superior, sovereign, almighty hands. Absolutely nothing can separate me from you or take me out of your superior plans.

The God Who Provides Sleep

God is so superior to give us sleep, is not he? Not only does it permit our bodies to recharge, but it also enables to freshly connect with our superior, loving Father. Let me encourage you to make these bedtime prayers element of your nightly routine. Of course, you do not will need to say them all every single evening, and you do not will need to say the, word for word.

But take the chance to freshly rely on God, entrust oneself to him, give thanks to him, confess your sins, and trust in him for protection.

Might your sleep be sweet certainly.


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