Bat Melech בת מלך: Lost


have gone astray like a lost sheep seek your servant, for I do not
overlook your commandments.

Psalms/Tehilim 119:176

never know of any human as lost in space as
I am. Not in the sense that I am with my head in the clouds, but
actually I am lost in space. I have no sense of path whatsoever
and as a consequence of this wonderful excellent that I posses I handle
to get lost everywhere I go. Let me inform you, it is a joy to travel by
myself. But I have come to accept this flaw of mine and I no longer
judge myself for it and so it is no wonder that the verse I described
above is my prayer really usually.

was in Wales for a couple of days with my sister and my brother in law and
due to the truth that Daniel wanted to show me exactly where we have been going
subsequent, he pointed at a map and absolutely overestimating me, proceeded
to clarify our route. Not wishing to appear like an idiot, I was
nodding my head as if of course I understood when in truth I had no
concept what he was speaking about.

are individuals gifted with this excellent a great deal coveted by me, individuals that
if they have been to land on the moon they would know precisely which way to
take. I, on the other hand, can even get lost in the city I was born
in. Possibly somebody may possibly wonder, how come I did not get lost for great
however. Straightforward. Equal to my potential to get lost is my present to ask for
directions, even if I often finish up asking directions to the
directions I got in the initial spot. Be that as it may well although, I
constantly come across the road I want to take.

never get lost simply because I want to or simply because of my weak character, or
simply because I lack great principles, I get lost simply because I go by way of
locations I’ve by no means been just before. It is the very same with my stroll with

I am
not speaking about sinning and turning your back to the 1 you gave
your life to. I imply finding lost in the sense of not understanding exactly where
yo are or exactly where you are going. Yes, I know normally that I am headed
Property, but I stroll a road I’ve by no means walked just before and even if I know
how I really should stroll, often I come across myself not understanding exactly where I am. I
never know if this is the program or if I have selected to be exactly where I am
and if I chose, did I pick out proper or incorrect? Am I exactly where I am supposed
to be? Did I miss some thing? Nothing at all that I believed really should have
occurred by now occurred, is that regular or did I do some thing incorrect?

weeks or even months spent on a loop with the very same concerns with out
an answer. And perhaps everyone else knows precisely exactly where they are going
and every single step they will have to take and I am the only 1 who’s lost, but
even so I nevertheless have hope. The verse above has a important for any one that
gets lost often, “Seek your servant, for I do not overlook your

I got lost Adonai, if I did not spend consideration to some thing essential,
if some thing distracted me and I got lost, then seek me! You know
exactly where I am. I’ve by no means been right here just before and I never know what my subsequent
step really should be, but You, Yeshua, You who became a path below my feet,
You who lights up my darkness, You who are my Lord, seek me and when
You come across me, strengthen my feet on Your way, for I do not overlook Your

Bat Melech בת מלך

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