As Honey Is Sweet to Taste, So Wisdom to the Soul


Edward’s Manuscript on Prov. 24:13

All through the Proverbs, King Solomon continually seeks to prepare his son, heir to the throne of Israel, for the moment when energy, pleasure, and prestige would be his without the need of measure.

Therefore, Solomon continually writes, “My son” or “My son, neglect not…” or “My son, consume honey mainly because it is superior and sweet to your taste, just as wisdom is sweet to your soul” (Proverbs 24:13).

Solomon is a superior father to his son Rehoboam, but he is also a superior father to all of us who think in the God of Israel.

Wisdom is superior for the soul.

Jonathan Edwards wrote a book entitled The Pleasantness of Religion based on a message he preached from Proverbs 24:13, exactly where he argues that followers of Jesus (e.g., accurate religion), above all other guys and females, have an understanding of what it implies to love the pleasures of this life.

Wisdom is superior for the soul, and He (Jesus Christ) is our wisdom (I Corinthians 1:30).

Jonathan Edwards argues in his book that following Jesus is the most pleasurable way to reside one’s life. He basis this philosophy on 5 principles:

1.  Following Jesus does not eliminate any pleasures in this life, but rather assists assists a particular person to understand that pleasures are to be taken in moderation, with discipline, and by the proper manner. 

two. Following Jesus truly sweetens all earthly and short-term delights and pleasures.

three.  Jesus sweetens our pleasures mainly because any pleasures without the need of the centrality of Jesus brings a lot more sorrow than pleasure, but all pleasures with Jesus’ as our wisdom brings pure and lasting enjoyment. 

four. Following Jesus brings no new internal troubles upon a particular person, but rather, usually brings a lot more of pleasure than of problems.

five. The follower of Jesus enjoys spiritual pleasures that are a great deal improved and sweeter than any temporal pleasure. 

Edwards concludes that the particular person who follows Jesus has the life that is most suited to expertise accurate delight and pleasantness. 

Certainly, following Jesus is as sweet to the soul as honey is to one’s taste. 


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