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Most individuals have a sneaking suspicion of what’s inhibiting their enjoy life. Regardless of whether it is an unhealthy partnership with an ex, an unwillingness to be vulnerable, a worry of rejection or a giant porcelain doll collection, we all have our personal theories when it comes to that nagging query: Why cannot I discover enjoy?

What might be much less apparent are the Feng Shui enjoy killers that exist inside your personal bedroom. Feng Shui has a effective influence on your power. Several individuals do not understand that the power they are inviting into their bedroom is not a single conducive to a loving partnership. These days, I’m going to speak about working with Feng Shui symbols to attract enjoy, and all the issues to steer clear of if you want enjoy to flourish in your space.

Proper about now, you might be asking, “How can the placement of my bed or the sort of art that I have in my bedroom influence my partnership?” It is all about perception. You might not recognize it, but when you have your bed pushed up against a wall so that it is only accessible from a single side, that sends a message that your partnership is much less accessible to a single celebration. Or consider about the art in your bedroom. Do the pieces depict couples, or are they primarily portraits of person individuals? Listen, I enjoy the colorful self-portraits of Frida Kahlo as significantly as any art lover, but the cause I recommend removing pictures like these from the bedroom is that they do not portray a loving bond—and that is the power you want to cultivate in the bedroom. So just about every element of working with Feng Shui to attract enjoy, even though it might look out there or absolutely minute, is rooted in the notion of shifting your space to hold symbols of passion and partnership. If you are prepared to get began, let’s go by means of your area step-by-step to transform your enjoy Feng Shui!

Love Feng Shui: All the Do’s, Don’ts and Crystal Tips You Need to Know

Improve Appreciate With These Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

Your Bed

As I talked about, the bed plays an vital part in the power of your area. You invest a lot of time in your bed, so you have to have to make certain that you are laying in your most excellent position to boost your enjoy Feng Shui. This implies:

  • Use Light Colored Sheets: When it comes to Feng Shui bedroom colors, if you are searching to attract enjoy, you want to have a lighter colour scheme. Sheets that are pink, white or pastel hues have a far more loving and welcoming vibe. Black or darker colored sheets build a closed off power, so if you have dark sheets, take into consideration switching it up!
  • Stay clear of Sleeping Beneath Beams: Attempt not to sleep underneath a beam that divides the bed. This represents a division in between you and your companion. If you can, cover the beam with a curtain. You are also going to want your sheets to have a light, inviting shade, like white or pink.
  • Have Space About the Bed: Getting space about the bed guarantees that it is equally straightforward for each you and a companion to get into bed. So if your bed is flush against a wall, attempt moving it out for less difficult access.

How to Cleanse Your Bed’s Power

Even the mattress must be energetically cleansed. Ideally, you’d get rid of the mattress that you shared with any companion you are no longer with, as this is believed to enable you move on from the memories attached to it. Nevertheless, mattresses are high-priced, so I understand that not everybody is going to be capable to do this post-breakup. Alternatively, you can open the windows of your area, let as significantly light in as probable, strip your bed and spread two to three dozen white rose petals more than your bare mattress. In every of the 4 corners of your bed, spot a jar filled with equal components salt and water on the floor. Leave this in spot all day to enable the salt + roses to purify and uplift the power of the mattress. Then sage the space to cleanse away any leftover power from the previous partnership. Take the petals off your bed and return them to the soil of the Earth. Get rid of the salt water by merely pouring it into your toilet and flushing it away.

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You also want to steer clear of mirrors when tricking out your very best Feng Shui bedroom setup. If you have a mirror that creates a double image of your bed, it is believed that it represents a third celebration interference. That can be something from a nosy loved ones member to an intrusive pal. To preserve outdoors influences out of your bedroom, take away mirrors or cover the mirrors with a cloth when you are not working with them.


The art in your bedroom must inspire joy, and function a loving partnership. Empty landscapes or pictures of a single particular person, as quite as they might be, are not excellent for cultivating enjoy in this space. Locate art that tends to make you satisfied and symbolizes the enjoy you want to attract or preserve.


Naturally, you want your partnership to be a single complete of life. Getting dead plants in your space does not precisely convey that message. Get rid of any dead plants from inside the area or outdoors the front door for far better enjoy Feng Shui. In basic, it is advised that for a Feng Shui bedroom, you do not have plants in the area at all. If you do, preserve them additional away from the bed so as not to stir up also lively an power.

Decorate in Two’s

When you decorate in pairs, it establishes balance and harmony inside the space. The excellent Feng Shui bedroom will have two nightstands on either side of the bed, two lamps, and every little thing like candles and crystals set in pairs.

Crystal Pairs

You usually want to have crystals in pairs when it comes to a total Feng Shui bedroom. It creates terrific enjoy Feng Shui to see pairings all through the area. Attempt not to overwhelm the space with also significantly crystal power, and stick to just the crucial stones you are known as to at the moment. That implies a Selenite beneath the bed for power cleansing, crystals for sleep on the evening stand (such as Amethyst and Celestite), and your enjoy Feng Shui crystals in the enjoy quadrant of your bedroom.

To discover the enjoy quadrant of your bedroom, go to the entrance of your area and appear to the far ideal corner. That is your enjoy quadrant, and exactly where your enjoy crystal pairs must be placed.

Recommended Appreciate Crystal Pairs

  1. Rose Quartz + Amethyst: For enjoy and relaxation.
  2. Rose Quartz + Amazonite: For enjoy and joy.
  3. Rose Quartz + Aventurine: For enjoy and luck.

As you can see, Rose Quartz is a Have to. As the stone of enjoy, Rose Quartz will function to restore your heart power and fill your spirit with gentle healing vibes. It is the very best stone you can have in your Feng Shui bedroom. I suggest pairing Rose Quartz with either Amethyst, Aventurine or Amazonite. It just depends on the power you want to cultivate in your spirit and enjoy life.

Amethyst harmonizes effectively with gentle power of Rose Quartz. With its relaxing and clarifying power, Amethyst soothes the spirit so that it can recharge at the finish of a extended day. Amazonite also partners effectively with the loving power of Rose Quartz. You will want this pairing in your space if you are searching to build a exciting loving atmosphere. For luck in enjoy, the pair you want in your bedroom are Rose Quartz and Aventurine. Aventurine brings in excellent fortune and will guarantee that your enjoy life usually has luck on its side.

One particular further tip for these searching to go the further mile in working with their Feng Shui bedroom to attract enjoy, is to have a pair of mandarin ducks in your area. Mandarin Ducks are a symbol of lasting enjoy. Simply because they are identified to mate for life, Mandarin Ducks have symbolized enjoy and commitment in China for centuries. Our crystal Mandarin Ducks are carved out of Rose Quartz and Aventurine for added loving power.

If you are guilty of these enjoy Feng Shui faux pas, do not be concerned! Just make the essential alterations, and see how it impacts your power. Keep in mind, the most vital point to concentrate on is bringing enjoy and balance into your heart. Getting a bedroom that fills you with enjoy and a sense of harmony will enable you to far better strategy the rest of your day. So begin producing these tiny shifts in your area to see significant shifts in your life!

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For far more info on enjoy Feng Shui, head to chapter eight in our book, Crystal Muse: Each day Rituals to Tune in to the Genuine You. 


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