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Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve these who will inherit salvation?

Hebrews 1:141

Dr. Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist and amongst the most influential Christians in America, not too long ago came on the Hank Unplugged podcast to go over with Hank Hanegraaff his book Angels: Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters (Bethany Residence, 2017). Right here is a snapshot of their conversation.

HANK HANEGRAAFF: You know, Jack, 1 of the points that you talked about when I saw you in Florida a couple of weeks ago was your passion for angels. They are the initially in the highest spot in the ladder of designed beings. They have a transcendently essential influence on our lives. They are invisible, but they are considerable in our lives. So, you wrote a book about this. Why are you so passionate about the topic of angels?

JACK GRAHAM: Effectively, I under no circumstances, initially of all, talked about or ever planned to construct or develop or lead a huge church, and I under no circumstances believed I would create a book about angels! I believed in angels. I acknowledged angels. I likely preached a sermon or two on the operate of angels, specially at Christmastime — the angel’s announcement. But, I initially wrote a book known as, Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell and Winning the Battle for Eternity (Bethany, 2014). It was about the unseen globe. The invisible globe all about us. I dealt with spiritual warfare, which you have a excellent book on that as nicely.two

But in Unseen, I integrated a chapter on angels. I mentioned that angels are 3 points. Initially, they are warriors. They are robust and effective beings. You generally see them engaged in battles—these are spiritual battles, of course, mostly, exactly where angels have been involved.

I also mentioned that angels are worshipers. That is their major part. It is all about Jesus. It is under no circumstances about the angels. They defer to Jesus. I am preaching by way of Hebrews ideal now — Jesus is superior to the angels, but God designed these beings to honor and glorify Him (Hebrews 1–2) 24/7 about the throne of God, the angels are glorifying Him. They are worshipers.

And then, not only that, I mentioned they are witnesses. The word angel (Greek angelos) implies messenger. They come bringing huge announcements, such as with the Christmas season and you know they come with huge announcements. In the Book of Revelation you see the announcements that angels are generating, and generally these had been announcements of judgment.

I mentioned these 3 points, and there was so a great deal interest in the chapter that the publisher came to me and mentioned, “Would you do a complete book on it?” I mentioned, “Absolutely not!” I did not necessarily want to be the guy writing the angel book due to the fact there is a lot of quackery. I imply you go begin shopping for books on angels, or hunting them up, there is a lot of weird stuff — bizarre points getting mentioned about angels. But I essentially had a conversation with a dying lady. A dear pal of mine. In truth, it occurred at Bay Hill, exactly where we had been down there numerous ears ago. She mentioned to me, “Jack, please create this book.” She mentioned, “You know, I am about to be with the angels. I am going to see them. I am going to be with Jesus, and I’d like to know about who they are, what they do, and you have to have to take into consideration undertaking it.” That moved me. So, I got a legal pad out and began studying the angels.

I found there are about 300 references to angels in the Bible. I imply there are stories about angels that we just pass ideal more than when we study them. We do not even recognize they are there. Now, the angels are ok with that due to the fact, once more, they do not want to be The Story, but they are all all through The Story, each the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Fascinating adequate, they are in the story of Jesus generally. We see Jesus interacting with angels. For instance, a lot of persons would not comprehend that an angel came to minister to Jesus following the excellent temptation in the wilderness (Mark 1:13). In the Garden of Gethsemane, when He prayed just before the cross, an angel ministered to Him (Luke 22:43). Then we study that the angels are not only there for the Son of God but they are there for the youngsters of God, these who are believers (Hebrews 1:14). There are excellent passages of Scripture that inform us they are constantly present and constantly about us (Hebrews 12:22–24, 13:two).

I started to believe, “Look, this is true!” Angels are true. It is such an encouragement to know, due to the fact what angels inform us is that God genuinely is in handle of the universe. He bids these angels to do His operate, to witness His energy and His glory, and to minister to the saints, as the Scripture says, “those who will inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14). These are great and effective beings. They are not generally soft. You know, from time to time persons like angels due to the fact they view them as a kinder and gentler version of God. You know what I am saying? They believe, “Well, you know, I cannot get to God, but you know I got a cuddly small angel right here.” Effectively, angels are not all that cuddly. They are much more like ninja warriors, when you study about them in Scripture. They are undertaking excellent points and moving effective currents of history as they go. God in His providence chooses to surround us — you, me, and believers — with these angelic beings who care for us and who minister to us in techniques that we may well not even know.

There are occasions in our lives, possibly if you believe about it, you appear back and see how God intervened in some way, some thing happened—that just about accident, that close to disaster that was averted—and you wonder, “Was that…did that… could that have been an angel that helped me?” I think it occurs much more than we know. When we get to heaven, we will see it complete force.

HANK: Yeah, as you had been speaking, I was pondering about the reality of what you had been just saying. When you acquire a new car or truck, a specific brand of a car or truck, all of a sudden you see that car or truck everywhere. If you have an eye for angels in the Scriptures, you see them everywhere. You see the cherubim guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden in Paradise (Genesis three:24). You see the angels heralding the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke two:8–14).

JACK: The Ten Commandments (Acts 7:53 cf. Galatians three:19 Hebrews two:1–4).

HANK: Yeah, and then you see in the incredibly final book of the Bible, the incredibly final chapter, you have an angel who shows John the river of the water of life (Revelation 22:1–5).

You also alluded to some thing that caught my interest just now — that is there is a sense in which we can speak of getting a guardian angel. If they are not dispelled by the impiety of our lives, we have guardian angels. We have in the Scriptures the text that likely is familiar to lots of persons: “See that you do not appear down on 1 of these small ones. For I inform you that their angels in heaven constantly see the face of my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:14). It appears to me that you can even speak about getting a guardian angel?

JACK: Yeah, in truth, when I was studying that, Hank, I should really have known as you. I know you have studied the topic due to the fact that is an exciting verse. It is just element of a verse. It is sort of the only verse that would allude to the thought that you would have an person angel who would be your angel. It is complicated to construct an whole theology on that 1 small verse, but it does look to indicate that there are such angels. What I have ended up saying about regardless of whether we have 1 angel— Do I have an angel named “Fred” whose hunting following me? I do not know. But I do know I have a guardian of angels. Some of us need to have to have much more than 1, ideal? The truth is that angels do watch more than us. So, I will be satisfied to meet my individual angel attaché in heaven, but it is a reality that you can count on the truth that angels are all about us.

Of course, there are lots of points that we as believers have skilled that angels have under no circumstances skilled. Initially and foremost is salvation and grace. You know there is an old Gospel song that says angels “fold their wings” when these of us who have been redeemed sing of redemption, salvation, and the blood of Christ. Angels wish to appear on these points (1 Peter 1:10–12).

Sunday I was preaching about Jesus getting our excellent Higher Priest. I did a series on the Prophet, Priest, and King out of Hebrews. I talked about Jesus now ascended, and He is our heavenly priest. Can you think about the reception the Lord Jesus received when He was welcomed residence to the throne of God? The angels roared. The saints of God celebrated. It just captivates me, and it is a transcendent topic to see the huge movement of angels in history and in eternity, but also what a blessing to know that God cares adequate that not only does He give us His Spirit who lives inside us, His Word, His Church, Christian good friends, but alongside us, God has so assigned angels to help Him in assisting us.

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