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There are at least twenty years involving the Books of Exodus and Deuteronomy, and Joshua, and possibly, as numerous as sixty. Which is worth bearing in thoughts when we take into account the following verses:


Exodus 23:28: And I will send hornets ahead of you which will drive out the Hivite, Cannaanite, and Hittite ahead of you


Deuteronomy 7:20: Furthermore the Lord your God will send the hornet amongst them till these who are left and hide themselves from you are destroyed.


Joshua 24:12: I sent the hornet ahead of you which drove the two kings of the Amorites out ahead of you


We see how the tense alters, from God’s personal guarantee to use nasty stinging insects as weapons against the Hebrews’ enemies, and Moses’ confirmation of this guarantee, and, lastly, Joshua’s affirmation that  it was fulfilled , decades later.


I had under no circumstances definitely deemed these verses very carefully ahead of now how God marshalled clouds of hornets to expel entire peoples from their land, in order that the Israelites could possibly enter into His guarantee for their establishment after  Egyptian slavery. 


The purpose for deployment of this deadly weapon of mass destruction was, in all likelihood, since at the time, the Israelites did not have sufficient males to rout the mighty Amorites and other tribes, themselves. Which brings me on to the subsequent fascinating point relating to this story. God’s immaculate timing – once more.


In my final post, I wrote about how God is faithful and what He promises comes to pass, supplied we, as well, are faithful to Him, and do not drop His blessing. Right here, in these 3 early Books of the Bible, we witness how this was often so.


When God promised hornets in Exodus, to allow a speedy acquisition of the Promised Land, the Israelites had been possibly relieved – that they would not have to fight for possession of their inheritance. Following all, this was only a couple of months immediately after their liberation from the Egyptians  and they had been tired and hardly warrior varieties.


It was also ahead of the sorry incident involving their idolatry of the golden calf. 


The infidelity of God’s men and women, in spite of all He had completed for them, and so quickly immediately after their miraculous deliverance from slavery, delayed their blessing by forty years.


In Exodus 32, we study of how the men and women betray their God and “…have corrupted themselves”(7) and “…turned aside swiftly out of the way [which I] commanded them.” (eight) Simply because Moses was gone for a couple of weeks, discoursing with God on Mount Sinai, the Israelites decided to make a golden calf and dance about it idolatrously. From time to time, we do definitely daft items that are challenging to clarify afterwards …


None the much less, even though it took about thirty-nine years and nine months longer than needed, God honours His guarantee to establish the Israelites in their personal land and Joshua, Moses’ posthumous replacement as their leader,  relates the numerous astounding methods in which God remained faithful to this “stiff necked” men and women:


Joshua 23:14  “…not a single issue has failed of all the superior items which the Lord your God promised regarding you. All have come to pass for you not a single issue of them has failed.”


And certainly, in God’s personal words, by way of Joshua, this deliverance and favour had been often component of His strategy for His men and women:


Joshua 24:five I sent Moses and Aaron


And, the hornets, even though obliged to ‘wait in the wings’  for decades much more than initially planned, played their component at final, in assisting the Israelites to assume their birth- correct, as God reminds the men and women, via Joshua :


Joshua 24:12: “I sent the hornet ahead of you which drove the two kings of the Amorites out ahead of you”


Even though fulfilment of God’s strategy for His men and women was delayed, it was often going to be in His timing. We study in Exodus that the deployment of hornets would be a ‘wave’ method:


29: “I will not drive them out from ahead of you in a single year, lest the land come to be desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you


30 Tiny by tiny I will drive them out from ahead of you, till you have improved and are various sufficient to take possession of the land.”


Simply because the tribes that occupy the territory promised to the Israelites are multitudinous and mighty  (the Amorites stay redoubtable foes to Israel for hundreds of years), and so that the Hebrews appreciate and take duty for the land, God will plague the present occupants with hornets in a series of completely timed assaults. “Tiny by tiny” He intended to drive out the tribes , so that the Israelites  had time to reproduce, to the point exactly where there are sufficient of them to have a tendency the land, defend themselves from beasts and men and women and keep possession.


It is an superb strategy it makes it possible for for the organic development and establishment of a population, whilst, all the time, the Hebrews  are protected. In Joshua 23:10, we study the astounding guarantee of God to His wayward men and women:


Joshua 23:10 One particular man of you shall place to flight a thousand. For it is the Lord your God Who fights for you, as He promised you.


So, whilst the population grows and strengthens, it will have  supernatural strength – as properly as  swarms of hornets –  to sustain it against enemies.


And, God’s original guarantee comes to pass – since God is faithful and not a man that He really should lie (Numbers 23:19) – even when we stumble and err spectacularly in our fidelity to Him:


Joshua 24:13: I have offered you a land for which you did not labour and cities you did not make.


When we take into account these scriptures, we see a pattern of enjoy and fidelity that is continual all through the Bible a schematic that is immutable, of God’s unchanging enjoy for us. He can not cease to enjoy us, even though we normally do our very best to protect against it. Even though we damn ourselves by deserting Him, He will enjoy us and it will break His heart.


Personally, I choose to be watchful – to “worry the Lord and serve Him in truth” (Josh 24:14) and if I mess up (which I absolutely will), I pray the Holy Spirit strategies me off, ahead of I stray as well far from God’s protection and the blessings that attend it.


I definitely require to be on the correct side of these hornets …



















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