AGE IS BUT A Quantity


On Monday 25thMarch I reached the ripe old age of 50. I can not think how rapidly this has occurred, appears like only yesterday I was celebrating my 21st, (not that I can keep in mind significantly from that evening, but that is yet another story……..).&nbsp

Turning 50 has basically been a joy, and I absolutely do not really feel any distinctive. The physique is not in also terrible shape and my thoughts is functioning effectively, and as my darling wife says I nevertheless consider and act like a 21 year old.&nbsp

We typically judge what persons really should or really should not do mainly because of age, however in the Bible we see how God utilised numerous persons in really old age.

CVM are renowned for their renowned Prime 10`s, so how about the 10 oldest persons from the bible.

10. Enoch age 365
9. Lamech age 777
eight. Mahalalel age 895&nbsp
7. Enos age 905
six. Kenan age 910
five. Seth age 912
four. Adam age 930
three. Noah age 950
two. Jared age 96
1. Methuselah age 969&nbsp

So going by the bible, 50 is nevertheless an infant, and I hope and pray there is a couple of extra years for me on planet earth to fulfil the contact on my life.

What ever our age is, there are some really crucial situations to be fulfilled if we want to be utilised by God.&nbsp&nbspSimeon and Anna fulfilled these situations.&nbsp&nbspThat’s why they had been potent instruments in the hands of God. (Luke Ch two v 21- 40).&nbsp

Be complete of the Holy-Spirit

For God to use us, we really should be complete of the Holy-Spirit.&nbsp&nbspThe Spirit of God was upon Simeon and Anna in a potent way. They had been attentive to His major and had been moved by His energy. Old age is not an obstacle for God as extended as you are complete of the Holy Spirit. You see t the Lord can use a individual mightily irrespective of his/her age.

God has created specific promises to old persons.&nbsp&nbspGod definitely desires to use old persons in the final days.

In Acts two:&nbsp&nbsp17-18 we study: “In the final days, God says, I will pour my Spirit upon all persons. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young males will see visions, your old males will dream dreams.&nbsp&nbspEven on my servants, each males and girls, I will pour my spirit in these days, and they will prophesy.&#8221

Even even though the globe we reside in will create off persons mainly because of age, the spirit in us will by no means age and God will use these of us who have a distinctive Spirit. Males like Caleb, who saw via supernatural eyes and was obedient to the contact on his life (Numbers Chapters 13 and 14).

Carl Beech and Nathan Blackaby getting been undertaking the Codelife Podcasts and these have definitely blessed me.

The Code has 12 codes to base our lives on, and XII is&nbspIf I fail I will not give up. He by no means offers up on me.

So no matter how old we are we will nevertheless make blunders, but Jesus will by no means give up on us, he is our Lord and Saviour.

Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have created you and I will carry you I will sustain you and I will rescue you. (Isaiah 46 v four).&nbsp

God is calling each young and old persons to serve Him in these final days.&nbsp&nbspLet us all rise to serve Our Valuable Lord.

God bless you abundantly.


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