Advent prayer – Lucy Mills


O God,
On this initial Sunday of advent we contemplate
The conflict and anxiousness in our globe,
our nation, as effectively as in the relationships
of these about us.
Significant or smaller,
moments of despair
influence us all.

We cry for a Prince of Peace
who acts with each grace and certainty…
tender to the weary and the wounded,
but difficult these who seek
to injure other individuals with weapons of word or action,
difficult them to a far better way –
developing new strategies of pondering,
so that lives may possibly be changed.

God – you are the a single who came in Jesus, as Word incarnate,
you are the a single who comes by your Spirit into our lives currently,
once again reminding us of the Messiah who saves
and created his dwelling amongst us…
you are the a single who will come once again in that very same Jesus
in a future tough for us to comprehend.

God, maker of our vast universe
and the tiniest baby’s fingernail –
God, come currently into our hearts and minds,
transforming, compelling
granting us a new viewpoint
and bringing hope to the ‘lost causes’ ,
the dire scenarios that are about us,
the seemingly irresolvable challenges
that lead to us worry and discomfort.

Come, Jesus, come, once again.


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