A Prayer to Really like God


Since he has set his like upon me, as a result will I provide him. I will set him on higher, since he knows and understands My name (has a private understanding of my mercy, like and kindness trusts and relies on Me, figuring out I will in no way forsake him, no in no way). Psalm 91:14 Amplified


The Lord’s principal commandment to humanity is to like him. It is fascinating to me that He is much more interested in my like than He is my obedience. He’s not demanding submission 1st and foremost He desires my like.

Really like requires partnership. I can obey a superior without having obtaining a partnership with him or her. I can submit to an authority figure without having obtaining an ounce of admiration for him nor a smidgen of affection. I cannot like God without having a partnership with Him. Really like presumes partnership.

Really like the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength (Deuteronomy six:five).

He longs for us to have a private understanding of His like and kindness and, with that understanding, like Him in return.

It is in loving Him that we reap the positive aspects of Psalm 91: we obtain His support and deliverance. You see, we assume that God just assists and delivers absolutely everyone, but is that a right assumption? It undoubtedly does not bear out in our encounter, for everywhere we appear, terrible points come about to folks. Tragedy strikes us all irrespective of our attempts to reside godly lives.

But if we dig a bit deeper, we can see that the promises of God are typically contingent on some thing. The protective promises of Psalm 91 are contingent on our like for God, our willingness to dwell below His shadow–or to abide in Him, as Jesus taught–as nicely as to deliberately trust in Him in all situations.

I’m writing this out of my personal raw, painful struggle that I have faced for just about a decade. I’m with you, seeking for answers and crying out to God for breakthrough. Could this be it:  just generating it our everyday job to like our Father God? To bless His name, to continually speak our thanks and whispers of like to Him?

Let’s give it a go! Agree with me in prayer for breakthrough more than the challenges we face by finding out to like God with every little thing we have and every little thing we are.


You have promised to defend me, provide me, preserve me from death, shield me from calamity, command angelic charge more than me, grant me victory from my enemy, answer me and support me in occasions of difficulty, and to give me a wealthy and lengthy and satisfying life, displaying me Your salvation along the way.

These magnificent promises are partially realized in regions of my life, but there is one particular gaping hole, one particular thorn in my flesh in which I have however to learn victory. I lay all other concerns and requests aside now as I seek just this one particular point:

May possibly I be granted the grace to like You much more? Give me the understanding to know Your like and to return like to You with all my heart, soul, thoughts and strength.

I want to like You from my heart.

I want my feelings to be engaged in my worship.

I want to want to like You.

I want my thoughts to reflect how a lot I like You, my God.

And I want my day-to-day actions to show forth a like for You that is genuine and developing everyday.

I think I obtain the answer to this request. I am expecting Your support as I purposely engage in loving You from my heart.

In Jesus’ Name


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