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There are two issues that rapidly determine what kingdom a individual belongs to.

A single is how they speak – such as the sorts of words they use. We covered this in These Cussing Christians.

The other is how they react when getting a word of correction.

If you are element of the kingdom of God, you are in a position obtain correction from other individuals with out responding in the flesh.

You do not get defensive or angry. And you do not dig in and ignore the correction.

Now let me be clear.

By “correction,” I do not imply passing judgment on issues you know practically nothing about. Such as judging motivations or drawing conclusions primarily based on rumor or hearsay.

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, to judge someone’s intentions is sin. It is not biblical correction.

And to draw conclusions primarily based on gossip or hearsay is also sinful.

Biblical correction is distinct.

It does not judge intentions, but actions.

It is primarily based on observable reality, not gossip or second-hand facts. Nor on misrepresentations (like out-of-context quotes).

If you are living in the kingdom of self, you will constantly buck against correction.

But if you are living in the kingdom of God, exactly where Jesus is King, you will obtain correction with humility and meekness.

And if you do not totally recognize it, you will be like a sponge and ask numerous concerns for clarification.

But beyond asking concerns, you are silent. You do not defend, retaliate, or fight back.

Not as well lengthy ago, I was privy to a Christian lady bringing a gentle correction to a man on social media.

The man – a professing Christian – wrote a social media update that contained profanity.

The lady gently shared with him that she felt that the use of profanity took away from his message, not to mention that she identified it personally offensive and produced it challenging for her to finish what he had written.

She recommended he take away the profanity simply because other individuals no doubt felt the identical as she did. (Of course, she could have very easily shown him what Scripture has to say about profanity, but she didn’t take that method.)

As an alternative of getting the correction with meekness and becoming sensitive to this woman’s feelings, the man doubled-down and even attempted to justify himself in intending to be offensive.

I use this illustration to make two points.

  1. At times correction will come to you in a type that you do not recognize. Specifically when it is presented in gentleness and sounds like a “suggestion.”
  2. Even if you think a correction is incorrect or misguided, kingdom folks nevertheless do not respond in the flesh.

No matter if the correction is correct or not, their response is by no means defensive, angry, or retaliatory.

And if it is on point, they will recognize that it is the Lord who is carrying out the correcting, not a mere mortal.

For these who are in Christ, each bush is burning, so spend interest.

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