A Corporate Confession on Grumbling


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My church is presently 25 sermons into a series on Exodus. It is been awesome.

Every single week we’ve been reminded what a mighty deliverer God is for his folks. No predicament, on the other hand dire, comes close to difficult his capacity to rescue.

Enslaved by the most highly effective ruler in the globe? No issue.
Fearing the angel of death? Just place some blood on your doorpost.
Trapped among an approaching army and a shoreline? Watch God operate.
Uncertain about what path to take? God’s got a cloud and a pillar of fire.

Every single step of the way God’s folks saw that God was highly effective, caring, and faithful.

That is, till the finish of Exodus 15, when the Israelites arrived at a location known as Marah, or “bitter.” The only water they identified was undrinkable. And they assumed God had met his match.

So rather than trusting in God’s steadfast like and waiting on the Lord to present for them,

The folks grumbled against Moses, saying, “What shall we drink?” (Ex. 15:24)

Are you kidding me? Had been they sleeping up to that point? Had been they deaf, dumb, and blind to God’s mercy? Hadn’t they observed God take care of their just about every have to have?

Apparently not.

Just Like Us

As my pastor C.J. preached this passage, he pointed out how a lot like the Israelites we can be. Proof of God’s lavish faithfulness and mercy abounds in our lives, but we fail to notice.

We withhold trust in God pending proof from God. Rather of realizing that God tests us to show us what we’ve discovered (or not), we assume issues prove God does not care. Rather than seeing God is testing us, we test him.

As I skilled conviction that morning, it struck me that most of the church likely felt some thing comparable. That is when I believed about writing a corporate confession for the following week.

I commonly make the 1st half of a Sunday liturgy about what we heard the preceding week. Our tendency to complain was a lesson that was as well crucial to hear about 1 Sunday and then move on.

So the following week, the get in touch with to worship was Lamentations three:22-23:

The steadfast like of the LORD in no way ceases his mercies in no way come to an finish they are new just about every morning excellent is your faithfulness.

We then sang Our Song From Age to Age,  which speaks of God’s faithfulness, and A Christian’s Each day Prayer, a song that reminds us of our dependence on God.

Acknowledging Sin Collectively

At that point, 1 of our pastors, Jeff Purswell, introduced and led us in a time of confession. Here’s what we stated with each other:

Father, we gladly acknowledge
That you are the giver of just about every superior and fantastic present.
When you open your hand,
You satisfy the wish of just about every living point.
You are righteous in all Your strategies and sort in all Your operates.

But as well generally we fail to acknowledge your abundant goodness,
Lavish generosity, and loving faithfulness.
Rather of getting grateful, we grumble.
Rather of thanking you, we test you.
We confess we have sinned in all our complaining and selfishness.

Jesus, thank you that your complete life on earth was 1 of gratefulness.
Thank you for bearing our sins,
Getting our punishment on the cross,
And paying the debt we owed to a holy God.
Simply because of you, we can now stroll in forgiveness and freedom.

Holy Spirit, allow us by your energy to reside lives of thanksgiving.
May perhaps we be humbled by all the riches we’ve received in Christ.
And may well our lives be increasingly marked

By trust, awe, and gratefulness for the mercy we’ve received.
We pray in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

What’s the Objective

We use a confession like this about twice a year. As I’m writing this, I’m motivated to do it much more generally.

In Psalm 32, God specifics several strategies confession serves our souls.

  • We practical experience God getting our hiding location. (v. 7)
  • God preserves us from additional difficulty. (v. 7)
  • He surrounds us with shouts of deliverance. (v. 7)
  • He teaches us his strategies. (v. eight)
  • He surrounds us with his steadfast like. (v. 19)
  • He offers us joy! (v. 11)

And who wouldn’t want all these added benefits?

Writing Your Personal Confession

Whilst a quantity of helpful confessions currently exist, it can be beneficial to use 1 that is precise to your church. Right here are some thoughts to take into consideration if you create your personal:

  • Be sincere. Do not have folks confess to sins they haven’t committed. “Lord, I have in no way believed of other individuals much more very than myself.” “My worship of you has in no way been sincere.” “I do not ever feel of the poor.”
  • Be precise. Vague confessions create vague experiences of forgiveness. “We confess we’ve been proud,” is not as beneficial as, “We confess that at occasions we examine ourselves to other individuals and demean them in our hearts.”
  • Be biblical. Root your prayer in Scriptural phrases, terms, and truths. We pray with higher faith when we pray God’s words, warnings, and promises back to him.
  • Be gospel-minded. Give people words to say that allow them to see how Jesus completely paid for our sins via his substitutionary death and didn’t leave us with vague feelings of forgiveness. Also, do not let folks feel that confession purchases our forgiveness. It only permits us to practical experience it much more completely.
  • Be Trinitarian. A corporate confession is 1 way we can remind the church that the 1 God we worship is 3 persons, each and every of whom is involved in our justification, sanctification, and glorification.
  • Be faith-filled. Clear confession and a fresh awareness of our forgiveness in Christ really should make us want to reside holy lives (two Pet. 1:9). We have hope for modify since of the cross and God’s Spirit!

If you have skilled the added benefits of corporate confession in your church, I’d like to hear about them in the comments.


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