5 Actions To Take In 2019 to Boost Productivity



Michael Altshuler, a Motivational Speaker and Trainer, when mentioned, “The negative news is time flies. The superior news is you are the pilot.” The target of the pilot is to take passengers to their location safely and on schedule. They know the course and prepare accordingly. Communication is vital in order to let passengers know about the journey along the way.

A new year is swiftly approaching and as leaders, you are in the pilot’s seat in how productive you will be in 2019. In order to aid you arrive at your location (
productivity), there are 5 crucial actions to take in 2019 to enhance productivity.

1. Use a Voice Assistant
– As Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and other voice assistants continue to develop into preferred, it is time to use them for extra than basically asking ‘What is the climate these days?’ or ‘How extended will it take me to get to function?’ In 2019, use voice assistants for productivity about the workplace. For instance, say ‘Hey Google, remind me to contact Fred these days at two P.M.’ You can also say, “Hey Siri, e-mail Stacey and ask if she is out there to meet on Thursday.’ From sending text messages to adding calendar appointments to buying, commence using your voice assistant in 2019 for productivity.  

two. Buy a Complete Concentrate Planner – Michael Hyatt and Organization have created an amazing planner for leaders to use for everyday, month-to-month and quarterly organizing. Every single morning, leaders are to create down their everyday large 3 ambitions for the day, along with their schedule and other tasks. There’s space for writing down your excellent week, annual ambitions and everyday rituals all made to retain your ambitions inside your attain. Verify it out right here – https://fullfocusplanner.com

three. Use an On the net Calendar
– The smartphone culture has offered worldwide access at the recommendations of our fingers and if you are a leader who has not designed an on the net calendar however, now is the time. Even though there are numerous to opt for from, Google Calendar has a basic and free of charge calendar you can use to get began. Give access to your calendar for your spouse and your Administrative Assistant at the workplace. It is vital to communicate your schedule to these close to you and an on the net calendar can deliver that communication. In the occasion you want to use each a difficult copy and electronic copy, Michael Hyatt has written an great write-up on how to use the Complete Concentrate Planner and a digital calendar right here – https://michaelhyatt.com/digital-analog-hybrid/

four. Quit Multitasking 
– Investigation has confirmed multitasking is ineffective (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/weblog/creativity-with no-borders/201405/the-myth-multitasking) so use 2019 as the chance to study how to concentrate on one particular job at a time. When skipping back and forth to several tasks, you are losing time and efficiency. Start studying how to concentrate on one particular job at a time. It will take time adjust to this new routine, but it will definitely prove to be extra productive for you in your region of leadership.

five. Start Block Scheduling – In order to aid retain you focused on one particular job at a time, block scheduling is the approach to commence utilizing in 2019. Merely prioritize what region of your function desires most interest or is most vital and block a precise quantity of time on your calendar (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and so on.) and basically concentrate your power and work on that most vital job. An instance could be ‘I will function on this presentation from 9:00-10:00 A.M. on Thursday morning.’ So from 9:00-10:00, you are in your workplace or at the regional coffee shop operating on the presentation – not switching back and forth from the presentation to ministry calls. Ministry calls can take location at 10:01 A.M on Thursday morning, but from 9:00-10:00 A.M. you are focused on the presentation. Positive, emergencies will often arise – you are in ministry, you are a leader but when this takes place, basically schedule a different block of time for that one particular job.

​All leaders can enhance in their productivity. Like the starting of the write-up mentioned – You are the pilot – so take benefit of the sources and tools out there and commence 2019 focused on enhancing your productivity. How do you program to enhance your productivity in 2019? Use the comment section under and talk about with other individuals how you program to enhance your productivity in 2019.


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