40 Days is a lengthy time…



In the final 40 days I&rsquove hosted an overnighter for 100+ teenagers, took my sons on two college visits, met with five engaged couples for pre-marital counseling, played volleyball four occasions, preached five occasions, led two baccalaureate meetings, attended six employees meetings, led four summer time camp organizing meetings, led two tiny groups, taught four Bible research, became CPR and 1st Help certified, hosted a simulcast leadership conference and led 12 just after college plan days. Not factored in are my meals, (which are numerous), my hours of sleep, trips to the bathroom (which are rising in frequency) and my seemingly limitless conversations with pals, co-workers, students and loved ones members.

A lot can take place in 40 days. I want to challenge you to think about an upcoming 40 day block in a new light. The season of Lent is ideal about the corner. Outdoors of Catholicism it appears as although Lent has largely been forgotten about. Enable me to do my tiny element in bringing this critical season back to the forefront for these seeking to push themselves spiritually.&nbsp

The Lenten season runs from Ash Wednesday (that&rsquos March 6th this year) to the day ahead of Easter (that&rsquos April 20th this year) and is 40 days in all (minus Sundays). The 40 days of Lent are meant to parallel the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness becoming tempted by the devil. See Matthew four:1-11, Mark 1:12-13
&amp Luke four:1-13.

Lent delivers the spiritually hungry with an chance for prayer, repentance and self-denial. Usually it&rsquos throughout Lent that quite a few Christians will commit to fasting (meals or some other luxury) in order to replicate this 40 day season of sacrifice that Jesus skilled. With fasting comes &ldquoextra&rdquo or &ldquorecently freed up&rdquo time that can be spent in prayer, Scripture reading, listening to God, and so on.

Usually Lent is painted as a &ldquoreligious duty&rdquo or an &ldquooutmoded liturgical practice&rdquo. Let&rsquos reframe this Lenten season away from that and towards an chance to boost our connection with God. As a Jesus follower we need to generally be seeking for methods to connect at a deeper level. Not participating in Lent and &ldquonot providing some thing up&rdquo isn&rsquot incorrect but the query is &ldquowhy&rdquo?

Why wouldn&rsquot we actively seek methods to boost our intimacy with God? Why wouldn&rsquot we search for higher methods to connect? A lot can take place in 40 days. What would it appear like for you to make the most out of the 40 days of Lent. I invite you to join me and other people in the &ldquo40 Days Towards Jesus&rdquo devotional journey that kicks off on Wednesday March 6th.

Visualize what could transform in your life just after spending 40 days in prayer, repentance and self-denial. Visualize for a moment what 40 days of exposure to God&rsquos Word and His voice could do for you. Join me.
&#8203Be encouraged and retain moving forward.


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