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1. “What impacted me most was their capacity to adore. They routinely overcame their wounds—physical, emotional, and psychological— picking to forgive the perpetrators, reconcile with their enemies, and serve their communities” (Web page six).

two. “Empathy became an engine to bring modify to their communities. It was true, muscular, disciplined” (Web page 7).

three. “Empathy is also a radical departure from sympathy in that it does not just involve our feelings. It engages our intellect as properly, and it is verified correct by our actions. Leaning into the circumstance, viewpoint and feelings of other individuals so we can act for the superior of all is a valuable way to realize a practiced, embodied sort of empathy” (Web page eight).

four. “But for all our connectedness, we are subtly—and from time to time not so subtly—ignoring every other’s perspectives, situations, and wants. As an alternative of in search of to realize, we quietly pronounce judgment, stoking a simmering anger. Or we smile civilly, nodding our head, feeding the isolation amongst us” (Web page 9).

five. “Empathy is a movement deep in our soul. It requires us from standing by to standing up, from sleeping to awakening” (Web page 12).

six. “Empathy is not reserved for a handful of saints who stroll above the earth. It is not a feeling or an epiphany. No, empathy is gritty, individual, concrete, and sensible, accessible for anybody thirsty sufficient to pursue true love” (Web page 29).

7. “Empathy is the spot exactly where I meets you—where souls intersect at the crossroads of love” (Web page 38).

eight. “The incarnation is the fullest expression of the empathy of God” (Web page 40).

9. “…civility will never ever bring true modify. It could temper the polarization, feelings, and even some violence. But it will never ever bring correct reconciliation, peace, or love” (Web page 44).

10. “Empathy not only tends to make us much better at getting human but also is crucial to making certain our pretty existence. With no it, we isolate, develop fearful, start to hate, and in the end fight. Relationships fall apart. Folks take revenge. Nations start off wars” (Web page 48).

11. “Social media can maintain us from seeing other individuals as belonging to us or as our duty. They have the prospective to inoculate us from the pretty point we require most: genuine relationships. Even the most spiritually savvy social media user can enable himself to think that if he gets sufficient thumbs-ups, he has the equivalent of a buddy. We also seek “likes” from the individuals we are closest to, lowering even the individuals we reside with to “liking” us. Are we the victims of cosmic identity theft, promoting our birthrights for social media thumbs-up” (Web page 54)?

12. “Awakening to the perspectives of other individuals can radically modify how we see the globe and how we adore others” (Web page 75).

13. “Our globe suffers due to the fact we have an abundance of “my opinion” and a deficit of “I see exactly where you are coming from.” Taking the viewpoint of a further is 1 of the most strong God-offered gifts at our disposal” (Web page 77).

14 “The capacity to realize a further person’s story, to comprehend the subtle backdrop of experiences, each outstanding and limiting, is a holy thing” (Web page 87).

15. “Connecting with an individual can be fraught with misunderstanding and missed connections, specifically offered the level of noise swirling about us” (Web page 98).

16. “When we quit caring, we quit loving. And when we quit loving, we quit carrying out. We trade messy for quaint, gutsy for tame, genuine for fallacious. We settle for significantly less. We seek to be pampered. We rationalize sympathy, apathy, even antipathy” (Web page 114).

17. “…forgiveness is much more about the forgiver than the forgiven” (Web page 117).

18. “God’s command to make our adore true, to empathize tenderly and tangibly with every other, does not hinge on our adore getting accepted or even noticed. We are not promised applause, praise, or thanks. By way of empathy, God asks us to give ourselves away to a vulnerable and angry globe for the prevalent superior of all” (Web page 146).

19. “Empathy is a spiritual discipline we pursue inside our energy so we can do some thing beyond our energy. A thing extraordinary. A thing impossible” (Web page 154).

20. “We know the goal of empathy is to love—genuinely love—our neighbor, our God, and ourselves. When we attempt to adore with words only, our intentions fall flat due to the fact we do not act. Empathy devoid of deeds is mere rhetoric. Empathy does not just speak it does” (Web page 185).

Taken from Brave Souls by Belinda Bauman. Copyright (c) 2019 by Belinda Bauman. Applied by permission of InterVarsity Press, P.O. Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426. www.ivpress.com

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